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LPs ____ Greatest Hits picture disc Dealin' My Best Singer of sad songs Good Hearted Woman Heartaches by the Number Only the Greatest Hangin' On Jewels Only Daddy that'll Walk the Line The Taker/Tulsa Ladies Love Outlaws Honky Tonk Heroes "Waylon Jennings" The Dark Side of Fame* *also called The one and Only This Time Country-Folk (w/ the Kimberleys) Black On Black Ol' Waylon Hangin' Tough Dreaming My Dreams I've Always been Crazy Leather and Lace (w/ Jessi) It's Only Rock and Roll Waylon and Company (duets) What goes Around Comes Around Never Could Toe the Mark Waylon and Willie Wanted! The Outlaws Highwayman (w/ Cash, Willie, Kris) Sweet Mother Texas Turn the Page Heroes (w/ Cash) Take it to the Limit (w/ Willie) Will the Wolf Survive Are you ready for the Country The Ramblin' Man Music Man Greatest Hits WW2 (w/ Willie) Waylon Live The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper* (*movie soundtrack)


CDs (updated 9-2009)
Live from Austin, TX.'84 cd/dvd
Never say die dvd/cd set
Nashville Rebel box set
The Taker/Tulsa
Lonesome, Onry and mean
All American Country (with Jessi)
I've always been crazy, the tribute to Waylon
The very best of Jessi Colter (with Waylon)
Black on Black/Music Man
What goes around/Are you ready for the country
Lonesome,Onry and Mean-the Tribute (various)
Waylon Live, the expanded edition
RCA Country Legends-Waylon Jennings (2 cd)
Waylon & the Waymore Blues Band;
 Never Say Die...LIVE 
Heroes (with Johnny Cash)
Waylon & Co. vols. 3 & 4 & 5 
 (3 homemade CDs of rare Waylon duets & assists: 
  harmony,guitar etc.)
Restless Kid Live at J.D.'s
Waylon Collection 2000*
Waylon & Company vol.2*
   (*homemade CDs of rare cuts;
    B-sides, soundtracks, live cuts*)
Honky Tonk Heroes (with Shaver, Nelson,
Ramblin' Man
Ryman Country Homecoming (V.A. 3 vols.)
Heartaches by the Number
This Time
Honky Tonk Heroes
Burnin' Memories
Wanted ! the Outlaws (20th. Anniversary)
Waylon and Willie
Highwayman *
Highwayman 2 *
The Highwaymen, The Road goes on Forever *
 (*w/ Cash, Kris, Willie)
The Early Years
Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line (2 cd boxed set)
Greatest Hits
Ol' Waylon sings Ol' Hank
Hangin' Tough
Full Circle
A Man Called Hoss
The Eagle
Clean Shirt (w/ Willie)
Too Dumb for New York City...
   too ugly for L.A.
Waymore's Blues, part 2
Right For The Time
Ol' Waylon
Dreaming My Dreams
Ladies Love Outlaws (compilation,
  not original lp)
Ned Kelly Soundtrack
White Mansions
Closing In On The Fire
Old Dogs (with Reed, Tillis, Bare)


Cassettes (updated 7-03)
The Sacred Feather (Waylon narrates a Christmas story)
*Willie's New Years Eve party with Waylon, Cash, Kris, 
Jessi,BB King, Jim Varney. includes Farm Aid appearance, 
9-85. 60 min.
*Austin City Limits 14 year TV special (audio only). 
Many artists,Waylon does 1 song. 90 min.
*Tribute to Rick Nelson, various artists including Waylon. 
90 min.
*Patsy Montana, "Cowboys Sweetheart" (LP produced by 
Waylon, he plays lead guitar and sings harmony). tape 
includes 2 by Waylon & Shaver. 60 min.
The Journey;Destiny's Child (boxed set)
The Journey;Six Strings Away (boxed set)
"Volume 13"; 20/20 tv show audio '82/at Willie's picnic'74/
 Glen Campbell show appearance/Waylon & Jessi on Mike 
 Douglas show '71/4 Cash show appearances '72-74.(90 min)
"Volume 14";The Door is always open, a tribute to Sue 
Brewer.Waylon, Willie, Jones, Kris, Roger etc. (90 min)
"Volume 15"; The Highwaymen read "Riding for the brand", a
 Best of Louis L'amour book on tape. (60 min).
"Volume 17"; Big John Howe radio special from Chicago. '98,
 60min.,Waylon is interviewed and songs played from Closing 
 in on the fire.
"Volume 18"; Waylon duets from various CDs and LPs; with 
Bill Monroe, Mark Chestnutt, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, 
Travis Tritt, Andy Griggs, Alvin & The Chipmonks, Patsy 
Cline, Clint Black, John Anderson,George Jones,Ernest Tubb, 
Ralph Mooney. *Includes the "Mackintosh and TJ" soundtrack.

Several Waylon interviews
Old Dogs greatest hits (8 songs newly recorded, 
                                 2 by each Dog)

Highwaymen Live in Scotland, 1992
Waylon in Sweden, 1983
Rave On
Cedartown, Ga.
Just to satisfy you
Leavin' town
Waylon sings ol Harlan
Waylon Live at Wembley Festival (BBC radio program,1989)
The Stories behind the Songs (radio program, 1990)
Waylon and Jessi interview, Nashville Live
(radio program,1991)
A Legendary Singer (Time/Life series)
Lonesome, On'ry, & Mean
Waylon, an autobiography (book on tape)


Miniature telecaster guitar
W belt buckle
The Outlaws (book)
Waylon frisbee
Can huggie
Waylon's personal property from his sales;
 Hat, shirt, guitar strings, golf tees,
 guitar picks, poster.
Waylon Mirror
Waylon Jennings Street sign
3 program books (two autographed) *
Back stage passes *
photos *
"Waylon & Willie" book
Waylon, a biography (book)
Waylon, an Autobiography * (book)
   * see my Waylon pages for these
Waylon's West Texas Style barbeque sauce
Waylon barbeque sauce tray
caps, shirts, magazines, lotsa scrapbook stuff,
A Waylon silver coin,2 Waylon dollar 
bills, autographed poster, autographed
8x10, License plates, W & W belt buckle, clock, 
check book,  ETC, ETC.
*Much of this pictured on my Archive Pages
or elsewhere on this site.*

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