Mike's Waylon Videos

             Added March 2004
           Willie Nelson, My Life (60 min. bio, some Waylon)
           Bobby Bare interviews Waylon 1988? :45
           Farm Aid Story (Partial show,30 seconds of Waylon)'04 :20
           Addicted to Addictions (Waylon,Cash, Jones etc. Jessi talks)'04 :30
           Nashville Now with Hank Jr. & Waylon (2 duets, talk) '88  :90 
           Jessi sings just for kids (Waylon talks, sings 1 duet) '88  :60

           Added Jan. '04
           40 Greatest tv moments (in country) 2 of Waylon.
           Country's most shocking, Southern rock and Outlaws
           (one story on Waylon.)  

           Added Sept. '03
           The Making of Not Fade Away (Waylon hosts and sings one)
           Remembering Buddy Holly (Waylon talks and sings one)   

           Added March 2003
           Songwriter awards, Kris honored (partial) :21
           Jessi interview   :07
           Waylon video album hour  (interview and videos)
           Waylon on ; Porter Wagoner show, Wilburn Bros.show,
           Aids benefit, Today show, Letterman. Andy Griggs honors
           Waylon on Grand Ole Opry.
           Songs of the Civil War :66 (Waylon sings 2) 
           Willie's 4th of July Picnic concert 1:30
           Waylon on Music Laden (German show) :20
           Noisemakers '02 (CMT news) :11
           Pop goes the country 1976 :23
           Buddy Killen Christmas special  :60
           Waylon & Rodney Crowell sing "Ain't livin long" :06 

           Added May, 2002
           Waylon on Glen Campbell Show from 1969  2 songs
           Hank Jr.'s tribute to Waylon on ACM awards 10 mins.

           added March 2002
           Saddle Rash (cartoon) Waylon did a character voice

           Added Feb. 2002
           Various News clips of Waylon's death 20 min.
           Grand Ole Opry Tribute to Waylon from Feb.16  45 min.  

           Added Dec. 2001
           Waylon Inside Fame (from CMT) 60 min.
           Buddy Holly Biography (from A&E, Waylon comments) 60 min.

           Added 8-21-01
           Hank Jr. Inside Fame (Waylon comments)
           Johnny Cash Anthology (Waylon comments)
           Ned Kelly (movie, Waylon sings soundtrack)
           Country Music Videos (Includes Waylon's
           "The wild ones")

           Added 3-20-01...
           Roger Miller video bio ("King of the road")
             Waylon narrates. 60 mins.
           Highwaymen in Switzerland (Cash tv special) 60 mins.  1984

           3 videos added 2-01;
           The Door is Always Open (Sue Brewer tribute)
           Waylon hosts and sings, many guests. 1984? 2 hrs.

           Oklahoma City Dolls (TV movie) Waylon gueststars.
           1980.  1:35

           Grizzly Rose (tv show/concert) 30 mins. 1993

           One video added 1-01;
           Cheryl Ladd TV special (Waylon does 3 songs) 1979
           Interview 1995 (about 1:30)

           Moonrunners (movie) Waylon sings and narrates.
           Was inspiration for Dukes of Hazzard
           1 new video added 4-13-00
           Red Hot + Country TV special, Various artists including Waylon
           Waylon cohosts MCN/TNN awards, 1985  one hour
           2 new videos added 3-8-00
          *Waylon Compilation (2 hrs. of various 
           TV appearances) 
          *Waylon promo videos (about 50 mins. of
           promotional videos, pro quality)  AND
          *Country Gold TV special 1980 (Waylon &
           many other guests). 
          3 new videos added Feb. 20, 2000;
          *Vol. 1; 
           How to play pool, Minnesota Fats with Waylon '86
           Waylon on Country Gold tv special '83
           Waylon on The Hank Williams tradition tv show
           Nicki returning from her round the world plane flight
           Waylon hosts Nashville Now tv show
           Waylon talks about Texas singers
           Waylon, Buck Owens & Johnny Russell on Nashville Now
          *Vol. 3;
            Various Johnny Cash TV shows and specials,most with Waylon
            The Road to Nashville, movie, Waylon sings one song
          Ryman Country Homecoming tv special, 3 parts  
          Old Dogs, the video
          Waylon & Willie upclose (interviews, 30 mins.,1986)
          Follow that bird (Sesame Street movie with Waylon)
          Waylon in Sweden (concert) 1983  1 hr.
          Highwaymen in Scotland (concert) 1992   1 hr.
          Waylon on Grand ole opry 1hr. 1998
          Yesterday and Today, the Outlaws 1 hr. 1997
          Waylon hosts Hee-haw 1 hr. bad picture quality
          Ralph Emory interviews Waylon 1 hr. 1996
          A Century of Country, the Outlaws 1 hr. 1999
          Waylon on Prime Time Country from june 1999, 1 hr.
          Waylon on Politically incorrect 30 mins. 1998
          Waylon guests on George Jones show 1999 1 hr.
          Austin City Limits 1991 30mins.
          My heroes have always been cowboys TV special 1988 1 hr.
          Nashville now appearance 15 mins. 1989
          Renegade Outlaw Legend  video biography 1 hr.
          The lost Outlaw performance  concert  1978 1 hr.
          America   music videos  1 hr.
          Highwaymen Live  (nassau coliseum)
          Highwaymen Live in Las Vegas
          Highwaymen Live in Central Park, NY
          Burt Reynolds show 1 hr.
          The history of country music 2 hrs. (some Waylon)
          Waylon recieving living legend award, 1995  15 mins.
          Houston music TV special (some Waylon) 1 hr.
          Nashville Rebel  movie, 90 mins.
          Stagecoach   movie  95 mins.
          Outlaw Justice (movie, Waylon seen 5 mins., narrates the rest)
          Buddy Holly tribute special 1999, 90 mins. some waylon
          Family guy cartoon (Waylon has one line) 30mins.
          "Waylon" a TV special with James garner hosting 1 hr.
          A Cowboy in london  concert  picture quality ok
          Internet interview from www.liveconcerts.com, July 1998 30mins. sounds 
          good but terrible picture quality (recorded from computer with    
          video camera).
          ALL The Waylon and Friends episodes;
          Waylon with various songwriters including Billy Joe Shaver
          Waylon with Kris Kristofferson, Mark Chestnut, John Anderson, A. Kraus
          Waylon does a roger miller tribute
          Waylon and female singers including Connie Smith and Jessi colter
          Waylon with Little Jimmy Dickens, Porter Wagoner and Carl Smith.
          Waylon celebrates kids
          Waylon with Johnny Cash and June Carter
          Waylon with Travis Tritt and others
          About an hour or more of various clips from various shows.

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