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--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feb. 2006 A fan’s Waylon songs… http://www.geocities.com/have_u_seen_or_heard/waylonsongs.html Vote for CMT video awards (including Shooter’s) at
http://www.cmt.com/shows/events/cmt_music_awards/2006/ Waylon's Austin City Limits dvd is available for preorder at Amazon. So is Jessi's cd, OUT OF THE ASHES. and Stagecoach (the movie with the Highwaymen). and preorder Shooter's ELECTRIC RODEO (due in april) at www.shooterjennings.com. Willie and Kris will each have new cds in March. Willie and Merle are recording a cd together. I heard on the tv news that Willie released a song called "Cowboys are frquently secretly fond of each other." He must have liked Brokeback Mountain. :-) Feb 13 made 4 yrs since Waylon left us, but he'll always be with us in many ways too. Go to www.countryweekly.com to vote for best ever male, song, album, etc. waylon needs to win several of those. December 2005 The new expanded edition of the Highwaymen's last cd, "THE ROAD GOES ON FOREVER" is great. The "new" song, "If He Came Back Again" is very cool. It contains a great line that really suits all the Highwaymen..."He didn't mean to be a rebel, the real one's never do." 2006 Waylon Calendars are online. NOV 2005 According to Ross Rylance (Waylon’s roadie), Jessi’s cd BACK FROM THE ASHES, produced by Don Was, is due out early 2006. Thanx to Don Gumbert for these Jessi Colter Videos… http://www.dongumbert.net/jessi.wmv http://www.dongumbert.net/jessi2.wmv Recently, on Jeopardy!, they had a category called “There’s a way”, and the answer was “This country singer gave up his seat to the Big Bopper on the plane that killed Buddy Holly.” A contestant got the question right away. The CMT show American Revolutions is great. The episodes about The Highwaymen and Wanted, the Outlaws album were excellent. The latter even had a pic I took of Hillbilly central and my name in the credits. See CMT.com for repeats. In a recent episode of SMALLVILLE (costarring John Schneider), John’s friend Jack Jennings (Played by Tom Wopat) came for a visit in his 69 Dodge Charger. They made some not so subtle jokes about the Dukes of Hazzard. In this week’s COUNTRY WEEKLY magazine , in the Q&A section, someone asked how To get to Waylon’s grave. Dean Miller (Roger’s son) has out a new cd called PLATINUM. It contains a song about Waylon called Hard Love. Bobby Bare has a new cd called THE MOON WAS BLUE. Also a reminder that the new expanded The Road Goes on Forever album is now available,
a limited edition package will include the cd along with a DVD which shows behind the scenes
footage of Waylon, Willie, Johnny, and Kris making the album ten years ago. sept 2005 CMT's 100 Greatest Duets was good, except Waylon's entries should have been
much higher. Luckenbach, Texas was #50! Storms never last was #40! Good hearted
woman was #21! And Mammas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys, #3!!!
They should have all been in the top 10. Shooter sang Mammas dont let... with
Montgomery/Gentry. Shooter's comments were scattered throughout the show. If you havent seen it, CMT had a good special about the best city songs.
Waylon's "Luckenbach, TX." was #5. Coming later this month on CMT, The best duets. That
should be Waylon and everybody he did a duet with, huh? Starting oct. 14 on
CMT, a Highwaymen bio. There's a short article in this week's COUNTRY WEEKLY about
Waylon and Andy Griggs. Shooter and other singers with actress girlfriends or wives
are on the cover. CMT is working on a documentary on WANTED THE OUTLAWS lp. It'll
include a pic I took of Hillbilly Central and other pics i scanned for them. See
it on CMT beginning in November.
Donna and Wayne Whitfield (who make Waylon’s BBQ sauce) wrote me about this…
Jessi's show here (in Oregon) on Labor Day went over just wonderful. We were able
to raise more money than ever to support the Scholarship Fund and, we had a
wonderful family reunion as well. She was here for 3 days and we enjoyed every
minute with her. Such a sweetie she is!
http://magazine.angrycountry.com/article.php?story=20050901194322526 has info on the
Re-release of The Highwaymen’s cd, “The road goes 0n forever”. IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Ronna Rubin, 615-298-4400 Jessi Colter, Waylon's Band Unite for Jean Therapy
Funds to Benefit Diabetes Cause Singer, songwriter and true original Jessi Colter is
making a rare appearance with Waylon Jennings' Waymore Blues Band all in the name of
raising funds for the American Diabetes Association. The performance is part of
this year's ADA Jean Therapy event which takes place Friday, October 28, 6:00 PM, at
the Factory in Franklin, Tennessee. This year's honorary event chairman is clothing
designer Manuel. Singer John Anderson will perform, as well.
In it's fifth year, Jean Therapy honors the memory of songwriter John Jarrard
who, before his passing from complications of the disease, wrote hits for artists
like George Strait, Alabama and John Anderson and worked tirelessly to raise funding
and awareness for the ADA.
Waylon Jennings died from complications of diabetes in 2002 and this is the
first time Colter has appeared with Waylon's band since his memorial service at
Nashville's Ryman Auditorium in March of that year. Members of the Waymore Blues
Band confirmed to perform are: Robby Turner, Richie Albright, Rance Wausson, Barney
Robertson, Carter Robertson, Jerry Bridges, Charlie Rose and Steve Herman.
Also on the bill is R&B/soul/rock vocalist Bonnie Bramlett whose known both for
her work as half of Delaney & Bonnie as well as from several successful solo LPs.
Daughter Becca Bramlett - a stand-out vocalist in her own right - will also appear.
Money raised from the Jean Therapy event supports local middle Tennessee
initiatives like Camp Sugar Falls, minority outreach programs geared towards
Tennessee and Kentucky, and advocacy for the 28% of TennCare enrollees who suffer
from the disease.
Tickets for Jean Therapy are $125 or $250 for patron tickets and can be
purchased by calling Devin Bradford at the Nashville ADA office, 615-298-3066, x3334 CONGRATS TO FRANK HEBNER OF WINTHROP HARBOR, IL.; DAYANA ROBINSON OF PIGEON FORGE,TN.; & BRIAN MAUGHAN OF OKLAHOMA CITY. THEY WON THE TOMMY JENNINGS CDs. Hey Hossheads…big news. Waylon’s brother Tommy Jennings has recorded a Waylon tribute cd called “HEY WAYLON, Eagle’s last flight”. You can order it at www.cdbaby.com , by calling 1-800-buymycd. And soon from
www.tommyjennings.com (check out the cd booklet pics on his site now).
Yours truly, Mike Sheets, took two photos of Waylon that are on the cd booklet, the cover pic, and another inside. There’s great info and pics in the booklet. You may be able to order by mail soon, too. I’ll let you know. If any of these sources don’t have the cd yet, they will very soon. I talked to Tommy by phone on Wednesday, July 13 for almost an hour. He sounds a little like Waylon, and even called me Hoss. He’s great to talk to, very cool. He told me that he’s 65 years old now (Waylon was 2 years older). He’s forming a band right now, and hopes to do some shows all over to promote the cd. The cd has several songs about Waylon including “Eagles last flight” , “He did the best that he could with what he had”, and “Me and them bothers of mine”. It also has several songs that were recorded by Waylon like “When sin stops” , “Only daddy that’ll walk the line”, and “Rainy day woman”. Tommy and Waylon had recorded some of these together in 1986, so you’ll hear Waylon singing with Tommy on one song, plus playing guitar on several others. Some of the original Waylors are on there too. Tommy is also writing a book about his life with Waylon. Hopefully, it won’t be too long until that is done. He told me a cute story about him and Waylon at around age 7 and 9. They would stand on a wooden crate (as their Opry stage), use a mop handle as the mic stand, and pretend to be Hank Williams and Ernest Tubb. The real Ernest had “Thank you” on the back of his guitar, and would swing it around to show that message to his audience. So Waylon and Tommy would do that move with their guitars. But Waylon wanted to do it even when he was playing Hank. That made little Tommy mad, so he punched Waylon in the mouth for it. Tommy said that he was usually the one getting Waylon in trouble when they were kids. He said that after Waylon got his first car, all he wanted to do was polish the car and chase girls.He told me how cool Buddy Holly was. He
told me about his years working for Waylon. He says the outlaw sound was created
accidentally “Just cause I didn’t know how to play bass very well.”
Tommy said he talked to Shooter recently, that he like’s Shooter’s cd, but wishes his nephew wouldn’t use strong language in his songs. He said that brother James owns several big farms and a gas station. Their mom, Lorene is 84 and still in Littlefield. She’s doing well, but is on cholesterol medicine. He told me about his success as a performer, especially in Europe, and even played for Queen Elizabeth once. He said it never bothered him that Waylon was much more successful, or that he was compared to his famous brother. He’s happy for what success he’s had, and proud of Waylon. Tommy says he’ll stop making music when it stops being fun. Oh, and he like’s the term Hosshead. Cowboy Jack Clement and Shooter Jennings have been tapped to host new shows on Sirius Satellite Radio's Outlaw Country channel. The Cowboy Jack Clement Show and Shooter Jennings' Electric Rodeo premiered April 30. The programs will air each Saturday and repeat on Sundays. Clement is a songwriter, producer and singer who has worked with Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Charley Pride, U2 and many others. Jennings, the son of Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, has gained national attention following the release of his album, Put the O Back in Country. Steve "Little Steven" Van Zandt, who created the channel, said Clement and Jennings "represent what the station is all about -- the coolest legends and the coolest new artists, side by side like God intended." American Diabetes Association has an annual fundraiser, Jean Therapy Gala. This year it will be held at The Factory in Franklin, TN. October 28th, 2005. I am trying to organize a regrouping of Waymore Blues Band for this date. I am well on my way to making that happen. Please announce this fact to the rest of the "hossheads" and through prayer and talk, let's see if we can mount a small tribute show to WAYLON. It is my hope to secure additional players to do a 30-45 minute "Waylon" tribute show!!!!John Mellencamp, Tom Petty and James Hettfield are also on my list! (From Ross G. Rylance, Waylon’s roadie) I received this email….. "My name is Maureen and last Friday, June 10th, we put Burton Langille in his final resting place in Pictou. Burton was a personal friend of mine. Len and Burton Langille were friends of Waylon and Jessi." ------------------------------------------------------------ April '05. Waylon's 16 Biggest Hits is out on cd. Shooter is busy playing shows and making many tv appearances. He was on the CMT awards, Inside fame:The Dukes of Hazzard, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and more. He'll be opening for Toby Keith this summer. My friend Brian has a great new site about The Highwaymen . Check it out! March, 2005. Shooter's cd PUT THE O BACK IN COUNTRY is out. I've read some positive reviews of it. CMT is playing the video "4th of July". The girl in the video isn't his now-ex Drea. Evidently, his new woman. It isn't a real country album, but it's a very good southern rock cd. Shooter was on CMT several times recently, and is touring. See his site here. WAYLON JENNINGS, LOVE SONGS is out on cd. Waylon's friend, disc-jockey Captain Midnight died. So did Hank, Jr.'s manager, singer/writer Merle Kilgore. Dec. 2004...HAPPY HOLIDAZE! 2005 CALENDARS ARE ONLINE! November 2004...CMT has a great show called "CMT GREATEST, The dirty dozen." Waylon was named the #1 Outlaw ever!! They also have a great OUTLAWS concert with Hank jr., Shooter, Jessi, and more. See CMT.com for listings. sept.12, 04 Did u see JOHNNY CASH, STACKED on CMT? they used a message I emailed to them during "Highwayman" . I said "Waylon, Willie, Johnny, and Kris are the 4 greatest singer/songwriters ever. There hasn't been so many legends in one place since 1776. Mike in Dublin, Va." Johnny died one year ago today. Kris Kristofferson will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in October. July 2004 Waylon's I'VE ALWAYS BEEN CRAZY (the original) will be released for the first time on CD August 10. His ARE YOU READY FOR THE COUNTRY will be released as a solo cd the same day. (it was only on a double album cd before). Joe Diffie's cd TOUGHER THAN NAILS has his duet with George Jones called "What would Waylon do?". On the CMT Music Festival tv special, a member of Rascal Flatts was wearing a Waylon t-shirt. Shooter has signed a recording contract with Universal South and his cd is due early 2005. www.waylon.com will have NASHVILLE REBEL on dvd August 1. check these out… http://www.waylontribute.com/cdinfo.html & http://thecrickets.com/ ------------------------------- June 2004 Congratulations to my oldest daughter, Erin and her husband Dwayne on the birth of my first granddaughter, Abigail Mirriam Boyd, born 6-4-04. See the cutie at ABBY . June 15 is Waylon's birthday. Shooter will play Waylon in a movie about Johnny Cash starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon as Johnny and June. The 100 greatest love songs special on CMT was good, but Amanda (#92) and Good Hearted Woman (#68) should have been much higher. The June issue of Country Weekly has 3 pics and mentions of Waylon. --------- April 2004 Jessi Colter and Shooter Jennings perform together on one song on the cd, Passion of the Christ, songs inspired by. March 19, '04 On The TV Land Awards, coolest car in a classic series went to The General Lee from DUKES OF HAZZARD. In this week's Country Weekly (Clint Black on cover) there's an article on David Lee Murphy where he tells about writing songs with Waylon, including the title song from his new cd, Trying to get there. In the cool new movie Starsky & Hutch, Waylon’s song “I’m a Ramblin Man” is featured. Waylon was featured in the recent CMT show “Addicted to Addictions”. Jessi is shown talking about him recently. And on the CMT show, “Farm Aid story”, Waylon was shown speaking for a moment, and several pics of him were shown. Also did you see on johnnycash.com that Willie Nelson is putting together a new version of the Highwaymen? Apparently Westwood One announced that Willie, Merle Haggard, George Jones, and Hank Williams, Jr. are going into the studio to record an album and possibly will tour to promote it as well. **There's also an article about it in Country Weekly** Coming in MARCH '04...The Ultimate Waylon Jennings cd with ALL his #1s and more...heres the track list. My Waylon calendars for 2004 are online at Calendar. Jan.2004 Hossheads…happy new year. CMT had 2 good shows recently with a bit of Waylon… “40 Greatest tv moments” listed Waylon as the balladeer on Dukes of Hazzard and his walking out of the Tom Snyder show. Lots more good stuff too. Also, “Country’s most shocking, Southern rock and Outlaws” had a story on Waylon’s drug bust. See www.cmt.com for repeat times. One of country music's greatest honky-tonk singers was found dead Dec. 16 in Florida. Gary Stewart's death was an apparent suicide, according to authorities. He was 58 years old. Stewart was found in his home in Fort Pierce, Florida. Police are investigating the cause of death, although an initial police report said it appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police said his wife of 43 years died last month. Stewart's peak came with his acclaimed 1975 RCA album, Out of Hand, which climbed to #6 on the Billboard country albums chart. That album also yielded the #1 hit "She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles)." Win an autographed Glen Campbell guitar… http://www.cmt.com/interact/sweepstakes/glen_campbell/ Dec. 2003 Here’s my Christmas card for you…. In HBO’s "The Sopranos," Drea de Matteo is so good at being a Mafia girlfriend that no one believes she's acting. The current man in her life is Shooter Jennings, 24, son of the late country singer Waylon Jennings. Speaking of the happy couple, Shooter and his girlfriend were guests on “A Kid Rock Christmas” on VH1 on Dec. 14. So were Hank Jr. and his wife. Check here for repeat times… Kid Rock. Check out the updates on The Red River Tribute concert . Hunter Jaggard says the concert cd is due out in January. Thanx to Kal Roberts (costar of Stagecoach) for this info… Road items and equipment belonging to Waylon Jennings, including road cases, a B3 Hammond, a handmade Cherry guitar, an antique partner's desk (given to Jennings from Johnny Cash), Waylon's Black 1974 Cadillac and more will be auctioned off on Dec. 16 at Soundcheck studios beginning at 4 p.m. For more info call 615-329-9180. Country Weekly has a small soft cover book called Legends of Country Music on newsstands. It has a good pic and short bio of waylon. On Dec.6, on Saturday Night Live, Darrell Hammond did a skit where he played Johnny Cash’s ghost and he mentioned Waylon. Oct 2003 Travis Tritt’s video for Lonesome, Onry and Mean is great. “Waylon” makes an appearance. (someone who looks a lot like him). CMT will televise the memorial celebration for Johnny Cash on Saturday, Nov. 15 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Taping of the concert, titled the Johnny Cash Memorial Tribute, will be on Nov.10 at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium. Sept. 2003 So sad to hear of the passing of Johnny Cash, one of the greatest, and always one of my favorites. Also actor John Ritter died, he was just 55. Congratulations to Darlene Harris of Burlington, Wisc. for winning the Willie Nelson cd, and to Russell Segars of Hartselle, Al. who won the Waylon cd I gave away. ( thanx to RCA for those.) *A new tv series starting on CBS soon called The Brotherhood of Poland,NH. has characters named Waylon and Hank. *Johnny Cash was nominated for 6 MTV video awards for “Hurt”. He didn’t win any, but when Justin Timberlake won Best Male Video, he said, “This is a travesty, I demand a recount. My grandfather raised me on Johnny Cash, and he deserves this more than any of us in here. So in some cool way, I guess I share this with Johnny.” Way to go, Justin! Johnny didn’t make it to the awards, he was in a Nashville hospital with stomach problems.
*Thanx to Joe for suggesting that we ask this company to re-release the Waylon
documentary “My Heroes have always been Cowboys”. Email them at
info@acornmedia.com In the Sept. 16 issue of Country Weekly, there is a small pic of Waylon on the cover, and a great article and pics inside. It’s about the new Tribute cd. “I’ve always been crazy, a tribute to Waylon” cd is excellent, especially Waylon’s final recording, THE DREAM. Shooter’s cut is cool too. *Thanx to Jeff for the following... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Waylon Jennings Stream-a-thon, on CMT To celebrate the release of "I'VE ALWAYS BEEN CRAZY: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings" CMT.com is proud to present the Waylon Jennings Stream-a-thon. View the complete video for each of the songs listed below. Don't forget to order your copy of I'VE ALWAYS BEEN CRAZY: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings http://www.cmt.com/av/streamathon/w.jennings.stream.jhtml ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ALSO!!! See the new Travis Tritt video for LONESOME, ON'RY & MEAN on "Great American Country" Check your local cable listings or tune to Channel 167 on the DISH Network! You can check here for scheduled times: http://www.countrystars.com/schedule.html NOTE: Time listed is the half hour in which the video will air. All times are Eastern. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New from Jessi!! A new JESSI COLTER greatest hits package hits the shelves today, September 2nd. Titled An Outlaw...A Lady: The Very Best Of Jessi Colter, this collection will include duets with WAYLON. The CD will comprise 18 tracks. KRIS KRISTOFFERSON, HANK WILLIAMS JR., and TONY JOE WHITE also contribute their thoughts on Jessi, her songs, and her career. August 2003... Hey Hossheads, congratulations to David Potter of New York who won the Waylon Live expanded cd, and to R. Cohen of New Jersey who won the Charley Pride Anthology cd I gave away. Thanx to RCA for donating those. RCA also has Waylon-Lonesome, Onry and Mean (the original from 1973) and Willie Nelson -Yesterday’s Wine (1971) on cd now. Good stuff. * Thanx to Hunter for info on a cool group called Cross Canadian Ragweed. They have been compared to Waylon, and will play a tribute show in New Braunfels, Texas, September 19 and 20. Shooter, Jessi, Shaver and more will be there. Here’s a link to the Waylon Red River Tribute Album & live Concert. Here’s the link to Ragweed. * Shooter’s group, Stargunn broke up, so Shooter is working on a solo cd. He plans to include some country, and hopes to have Ralph Mooney pick some on it. He says he looks forward to being able to say “Take it, Moon” like his dad used to. * Sun Records founder Sam Phillips died Wednesday (July 30) in Memphis at the age of 80. The Country Music Hall of Fame member had been ill for several months. As the record producer and label executive who launched the careers of Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and Charlie Rich, his independent spirit altered
the course of country and rock ‘n’ roll. But as the visionary who first
recognized the talent of Elvis Presley, Phillips literally changed the world.CMT News
* Competitors for the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards were announced Thursday, July 31. With them came this happy surprise. Among the popsters and rappers was perpetually cool country icon Johnny Cash, with six nominations for his video "Hurt." "I am overwhelmed by this great honor. I thank you all for thinking of me," said Cash, who has been in poor health for the past couple of years. "It's been 48 years since I cut my first record, and it's nice that people are still digging them up." (www.freep.com) July 03... **News Alert Updated: RCA Records announces lineup for I’ve Always Been Crazy: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings Now changed – NOW to be released AUGUST 26,2003. Jessi Colter has authorized the 16-song collection and will contribute a new version
of "Storms Never Last," a song she wrote and recorded with Waylon. Other participating artists include: Brooks & Dunn ("I Ain't Living Long Like This"); Kenny Chesney with Kid Rock ("Luckenbach, Texas"); Sara Evans with Deana Carter ("Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys"); Andy Griggs ("This Time"); Ben Harper ("Waymore's Blues"); James Hetfield ("Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out of Hand"); Alison Krauss ("You Asked Me To"); John Mellencamp ("Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way"); Pinmonkey ("Are You Ready for the Country"); Travis Tritt ("Lonesome, On'ry and Mean"); Phil Vassar with Rob Thomas ("A Good Hearted Woman"); Hank Williams, Jr. ("Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line"); Dwight Yoakam ("Stop the World [And Let Me Off]"). Shooter Jennings, ("I've Always Been Crazy") Waylon Jennings ("The Dream"). On CMT's 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music, 2 Waylon songs made the list, (should have been many more); Good Hearted Woman was #76 and Don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys was #10. Both should have been in the top 5. Who votes for these things?! Thanx to Mike V. for this…. News Flash! Jessi Colter Plans New Album! Singer-songwriter, Jessi Colter, Waylon Jennings’ widow, plans to record a solo album this year with producer Don Was. The Phoenix New Times newspaper reports that the project will veer toward a rock sound. Colter and son Shooter Jennings recently hosted a party and jam session attended by Metallica's James Hetfield (who contributes a track to the upcoming "I’ve Always Been Crazy: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings") and former Rage Against the Machine guitarist, Tom Morello (who is producing tracks for the younger Jennings’ band, Stargunn.) Colter resides near Phoenix. -- 1/10/03 Thanx to Hawk and Mike O. for this info... WAYLON LIVE: The Expanded Edition Previously unreleased music that was origionally recorded live on September 25 1974 in Dallas, Texas and on September 26, 1974 in Austin, Texas that was originally intended to be a 2 LP release, is to be released on May 20th 2003. This is an expanded release, (a portion of which previously appeared on Buddha Rcds reissue of "Waylon Live"). I've recently received word from a friend who has obtained an advance copy, and am informed that there are absolute killer versions of "Laid Back Country Picker" and "There ain't no God In Mexico" included. To order from amazon.com, search for waylon live there. Disc 1 1. T Is For Texas 2. Stop The World And Let Me Off - (previously unreleased) 3. Lonesome, On'ry And Mean 4. You Ask Me To - (previously unreleased) 5. Louisiana Woman - (previously unreleased) 6. I'm A Ramblin' Man 7. Me And Paul 8. It's Not Supposed To Be That Way - (previously unreleased) 9. Slow Rollin' Low - (previously unreleased) 10. Rainy Day Woman 11. Good Hearted Woman 12. Mental Revenge - (previously unreleased) 13. Amanda - (previously unreleased) 14. This Time 15. Laid Back Country Picker - (previously unreleased) 16. Last Letter, The 17. Honky Tonk Heroes - (previously unreleased) 18. Willie The Wandering Gypsy And Me - (previously unreleased) 19. Donna On My Mind - (previously unreleased) 20. We Had It All - (previously unreleased) Disc 2 1. Ladies Love Outlaws - (previously unreleased) 2. Big Ball In Cowtown 3. Just To Satisfy You - (previously unreleased) 4. Anita You're Dreaming - (previously unreleased) 5. Big Big Love - (previously unreleased) 6. Me And Bobby McGee 7. If You Could Touch Her At All - (previously unreleased) 8. Bob Wills Is Still The King 9. Long Way >From Home - (previously unreleased) 10. Taker, The 11. Mississippi Woman 12. Mona 13. Never Been To Spain 14. Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line 15. Freedom To Stay - (previously unreleased) 16. Lovin' Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again) 17. Pick Up The Tempo 18. Ain't No God In Mexico 19. House Of The Rising Sun 20. You Can Have Her -------------------------------------------------------- April 10, 2003...Four Waylon albums will be released on 2 CDs, April 15. Music Man/Black on Black & Are You Ready for the Country/What Goes Around Comes Around are available at www.amazon.com . "Lonesome, Onry and mean, the tribute to Waylon" will also be available April 15. The Official RCA Waylon tribute cd release has been moved to July 1. On Friday March 28, CMT presented "The 40 greatest men of country music". Waylon made #5. Great show. see www.cmt.com for repeat schedule. Handlebar J presents "THE OUTLAW CONNECTION" Sunday April 13th 2003 at Handlebar J A live music series dedicated to the late great Waylon Jennings featuring Jessi Colter with Ray Herndon and very special guests; Shooter Jennings Kris Kristofferson Andy Griggs From Howard... Just got an E-Mail from the Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock,"from May 5th through December 12th, 2003 the Buddy Holly Center is proud to present an exhibition, in the West Texas Musician's Hall of Fame that will honor Waylon Jennings. The exhibition was curated by the Buddy Holly Center and featvies many of Waylon Jennings personal possessions and items loaned by fans around the world."- how about a trip to Lubbock, Texas this summer??????-could be a nice get-together,as Buddy Holly said in a song, "Think it Over" In March, Jeopardy had 2 questions about Waylon, one about his death; one about him dueting with Willie on "Mammas dont let...". In addition to THE RCA Waylon tribute cd we all anxiously await, there will be another... "Lonesome, Onry and mean, the tribute to Waylon" will be available April 15. The collection is as far flung as it's honoree - from Waylon contemporaries Kris Kristofferson and Cowboy Jack to punk's bad boys Henry Rollins and John Doe. Other artists include multi-Grammy winner Norah Jones, Dave Alvin, Radney Foster, Robert Earl Keen, Allison Moorer, Carlene Carter, Nanci Griffith, Guy Clark, Alejandro Escovedo and Junior Brown. There's even a cut from former bandmates The Crickets. Here's the cover. A man named Brian Maughan is writing a book about the Highwaymen and would like your input. Write him at bmaughan1@cox.net if you have pics, stories, magazine articles, audio, video, whatever. He's already written a book about Roy Orbison. WAYLON GETS GRAVE MARKER by Betty Beard Arizona Republic 19 February 2003 MESA - After being unmarked for a year, the grave of country singer Waylon Jennings at the Mesa Cemetery finally has a granite marker and an epitaph honoring the "vagabond dreamer." The flat, black polished granite marker was installed Saturday, two days after the first anniversary of his death on Feb. 13, 2002. Jennings, known for such hits as Good Hearted Woman and Luckenbach, Texas, died at age 64 at his Chandler home. On the right side, the marker says "A vagabond dreamer, a rhymer and a singer of songs, a revolutionary in country music, beloved by the world." And on the left: "I am my beloved's. My beloved is mine. A loving son, husband, father and grandfather." The marker also has his picture, and on Tuesday was surrounded by red carnations, an American flag and four bouquets of silk flowers. There also were several mementos, including a laminated photo of what appears to be a wall that has a cupid's heart with the word "Jessi" in it. Rob McCauley, cemetery operations coordinator, said it took a year to get the marker because Colter first had to decide what she wanted it to say and it took awhile to get the special stone. The grave site already has attracted a trickle of tourists. McCauley said several people a week have been asking where it is, although it has been difficult for people to locate. Wayne Schmitt, 70, a winter visitor from Rock Falls, Ill., who rode up on a bicycle, was one who finally found the grave, thanks to the marker. He had looked before but was told by someone in the cemetery office only that it was "out there by the flowers." But there are flowers everywhere. Waylon's marker On Feb 18, on Most Outrageous Game Show Moments, an old clip of Family Fued was shown. Ray Combs asked "Who is your favorite male Country singer?" and a woman answerd "Van Waylon"!! Johnny Paycheck Dead at 64 Chris Skinker 02/19/2003 Honky-tonk singer and former country music outlaw Johnny Paycheck has died following a lengthy illness. The singer-songwriter died in his sleep Wednesday (Feb. 19) around 1 a.m. at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Paycheck had been confined to a nursing home and was hospitalized several times in recent years since being diagnosed with emphysema and other medical problems. Highly regarded by his peers as one of country music’s finest singers, Paycheck has been frequently compared to George Jones. Whenever he appeared on the Grand Ole Opry, it was not uncommon to see other performers lining the stage to watch the singer and guitarist perform any number of the songs he popularized such as “A-11,” “Old Violin” or his most famous song, “Take This Job and Shove It.” As you know, Thursday, Feb 13 made one year since we lost Waylon. Country Weekly magazine March 4 issue (Faith on cover) has a short article in the Scene and Heard section about the upcoming Tribute cd and on their Flashback page is a pic of Waylon & Willie with an article on the original release of Waylon & Willie lp (feb 28, 1978). On Sat. Feb 15, on Grand Ole Opry Live, Andy Griggs honored Waylon by mentioning the anniversary of his death, then singing This Time, Hank Williams' song Ramblin Man, and Poor Wayfarin Stranger. I don't know who created this, but it's sad and beautiful. Here's a great article about Jessi and Shooter. WAYLON JENNINGS TRIBUTE ALBUM (click for site) and also, RCA's tribute site. LINE-UP ANNOUNCED Slated For April 2003 Release, Official Homage Will Feature Eclectic Group of Country, Rock and Pop Acts NASHVILLE, TN - January 2, 2003 - RCA Records has announced the artist line-up for I’ve Always Been Crazy: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings, the official tribute album to this pioneering country outlaw, whose career included more than 20 years on the RCA roster. Waylon’s wife, Jessi Colter, has authorized the 16-song collection and will contribute a new version of "Storms Never Last," a song she wrote and recorded with Waylon. The album is slated for release in April 2003. Other participating artists include: Brooks & Dunn ("I Ain’t Living Long Like This"); Kenny Chesney with Kid Rock ("Luckenbach, Texas"); Sara Evans with Deana Carter ("Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys"); Andy Griggs ("This Time"); Ben Harper ("Waymore’s Blues"); Metallica lead singer, James Hetfield ("Don’t You Think This Outlaw Bit’s Done Got Out of Hand"); Alison Krauss ("You Asked Me To"); John Mellencamp ("Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way"); Pinmonkey ("Are You Ready for the Country"); Travis Tritt ("Lonesome, On’ry and Mean"); Phil Vassar with Rob Thomas ("A Good Hearted Woman"); Hank Williams, Jr. ("Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line"); and Dwight Yoakam ("Stop the World [And Let Me Off]"). In addition, Waylon and Jessi’s son, Shooter Jennings, brings the talent of his band, Stargunn, to his father’s "I’ve Always Been Crazy." The album will also feature one of Waylon’s last recordings, a song called "The Dream." Modern music owes much of its broad-based appeal and rugged individualism to Jennings, a man whose career stretched from the mid-‘50s, when he was a protégé of Buddy Holly, through four decades. His music included an eclectic, groundbreaking repertoire that borrowed from country, rock and rockabilly. He has influenced both instrumental and vocal styles, shaped attitudes and launched major trends — all by staying true to himself and his vision. Along the way, he won Grammy and CMA Awards, became a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and sold more than 40 million records worldwide. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Monday Dec. 30...10pm eastern...CMT...Noisemakers 2002... Waylon's life & death were featured as the #4 story of '02 . Country Weekly magazine has a great pic
and short article about Waylon passing in
their Jan. 7, 2003 issue (with Sammy and Lori on the cover). Same issue has good pics
and articles on Cash, Hank Jr., and Tom T. Hall.
2003 Calendars are online. enjoy! On November 10, on TV Land channel, they did a top 40 best TV theme songs special. Waylon's Theme for the Dukes of Hazzard was #38. On November 6,2002, On the CMA awards, Travis Tritt sang "Dont count me out" and lots of pics of Waylon were displayed on the big screen behind him. On Oct. 18, on Jeopardy!, a question was, "It can be a criminal or an anti-Nashville movement headed by Waylon Jennings." OUTLAW! On Saturday Oct. 12, 2002, on Grand Ole Opry Live on CMT, Clint Black sang "Are you sure Waylon done it this way". JAMES ON WAYLON JENNINGS TRIBUTE ALBUM James Hetfield has recently completed work on a contribution for the forthcoming Waylon Jennings tribute album, to be released in February of 2003 by RCA Records. The track he chose, titled "Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out of Hand," comes from Jennings September 1978 release, I've Always Been Crazy. The process was unique for James as he not only sang, but played all the instruments on the track. The song was produced by Bob Rock at the Metallica HQ in San Francisco. "The first time I met Waylon was when a college radio station wanted to get the two outlaws together of certain different styles of music," explained James. "They thought it was a good idea if I interview him and I guess Dad helped me out with a few of the questions. It's funny 'cause my Dad wanted me to get a CD signed for him and then Waylon brought some Metallica stuff to get signed for his son. So it was completely cool," explained James about meeting Waylon for the first time. Jennings, who died on February 13th 2002, was a recognized star of the '70s outlaw country music movement, and Hetfield has helped to further strengthen the things both held in common with his unique (and rather heavy!) tribute. "I am extremely grateful to be a part of this project," added James, "to be able to put my stamp, my outlaw stamp on the music that he has created." Other artists on the album include: Travis Tritt, Brooks & Dunn, Hank Williams Jr., Ben Harper, Dwight Yoakam, John Mellencamp, George Jones & Emmylou Harris, Kenny Chesney & Kid Rock, Waylon's son's band, Stargunn, and his wife, Jessi Colter. ------------------------------------------------------------ On October 5, 2002, I saw George Jones in concert in Salem, Va. During "Who's gonna fill their shoes", a big screen behind the stage showed pics of country legends, including 2 of Waylon and also the picture of Waylon's guitar onstage at the Ryman during his memorial with the caption "Goodbye Waylon". The audience applauded and whooped loudly for those. ON CMT's Travis Tritt Live, Travis took 3 questions about Waylon's death, then sang I've always been crazy. It repeats Wed., Oct. 2 at 8:30pm eastern. Watch for a special about TV theme songs on TV Land channel Nov. 11, 9pm. Waylon's theme for The Dukes of Hazzard will be listed. ON CMT's The best of Austin City Limits... Hank Williams Jr. (1980) / Waylon Jennings (1990) Hank Williams Jr. is unafraid to add Southern rock to his father's brand of traditional country music on crowd-pleasers like "Family Tradition." Famous as one of country music's Outlaws, Waylon Jennings kicked up dust with hits like "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line." Sept. 27 at 9 p.m.; Sept. 28 at 1 a.m. and 6 p.m.(All times Eastern/Pacific) ........................................................................... On Monday September 2, on the TV series Smallview, John Schneider (who plays Clark Kent's dad) is seen driving down the road in his truck with Waylon's song "Theme from the Dukes of Hazzard" playing on his radio. Never seen the episode of MARRIED WITH CHILDREN guest starring Waylon? It repeats this wednesday august 28 at 10pm eastern on FX. Waylon's son Shooter's band Stargunn is in the studio twice in the next two months for two recordings. the first is their rendition of the waylon jennings song i've always been crazy for the upcoming tribute album to waylon to be released in february of 2003 on RCA records. Thanx to Alex for this... -- PBS's upcoming "American Masters" series kicks off its 17th season on October 2 with a 90-minute film about Willie Nelson. The film, titled "Willie Nelson: Still Is Still Moving," covers his life from growing up poor in Abbott, Texas to his outlaw troubles over dope and taxes, to his current status as something approaching an American icon. Among those interviewed are band members, including piano-playing sister Bobbie, Willie's daughters, Neil Young, Waylon Jennings (who died during the film's production), Ray Charles, Lyle Lovett, Dave Matthews and Kinky Friedman. Hear Wolfgang Malende's tribute to Waylon, "Roll on Buddy" song. Thanx to KBC for pointing out this article on Johnny Cash from Country Music Magazine. article . Here’s a bit from it about Waylon… “Hmm. A lot of people have died since you and I last talked. It was awful sad about Waylon. You and he got together before he died, right? Built your bridges?” “Oh, yeah. We were the best of buddies again. Better than ever. That’s good we did that. Both of us kind of reached out. It wasn’t because we knew we were sick; it was just we got tired of the crap that was going on between us, so we built the bridge. The terrible thing, though, is that Willie and Waylon had an out. They weren’t talking when Waylon died. Kris asked Willie why he wouldn’t just call Waylon, and Willie said ‘He won’t talk to me.’ He’d tried to call him, he said, and Jessi wouldn’t put him through.” “That’s sad.” “Yeah, it is. I talked to him, though, I guess it was about two weeks before he died. I could tell he was dying then. You could hear it in his voice. He was in so much agony, he was just giving up.” “Was he scared, do you think?” “No. He became a Christian. He made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ two or three months before he died. Jessi said he died with a smile.” June 6, 2001...Thanx to Howard for this... Here's one to check out; in Lubbock the Buddy Holly Center is having "A Panel in Tribute to Waylon Jennings on August 29th-a Symposium on Waylon, featured Panelists are: RICHIE ALBRIGHT--JACK CLEMENT--DAVE HICKEY--LENNY KAYE--BILLY JOE SHAVER--HAZEL SMITH- from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. how about that line-up of people you would love to meet-and that evening is a summer showcase/ reception featuring Billy Joe Shaver from 5:30 until 7:30. On June 4, on JEOPARDY!, on a question about "this Okie from Muskogee", a contestant guessed Waylon Jennings. At least he got the one about "the Red Headed Stranger". May 23, 2002...Hank Williams Jr. did a great tribute to Waylon at the Academy of Country Music Awards last night and sang a short version of "The eyes of Waylon". Shooter was in the audience. May 21,2002...in the June/July issue of Country Music magazine, in her column, Hazel Smith says goodbye to Waylon. Also there's a great pic of Waylon along with an article about the best live albums ever. "Waylon Live" is listed as #3, but we know it's really the best live cd ever! May 13,2002 The May 28th edition of Country Weekly magazine (Vince & Amy on cover) has an article on Reba recording "Sweet music man" as a tribute to Waylon and a small article about Jessi's inspiration for "I'm not Lisa". Let's remember Jessi on her birthday, May 25 and Shooter on his, May 19. Some tv highlights coming up... Sun. May 26 at 6pm eastern & Mon. May 27 at 3pm on CMT is The Highwaymen in Central Park, a great concert from 1993. Willie Nelson & Friends, a new concert, will air on USA network on Monday May 27 at 9pm. The Academy of Country Music Awards are on CBS Wed. May 22 at 8pm. Hank Williams, Jr. will do a tribute to Waylon on the show. "Chet Atkins, a life in music" with Waylon and many more greats airs on CMT Sun. May 26 at 4pm. and Mon. May 27 at 4pm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tuesday,May 7, 2002...Waylon will be on Glen Campbell show TONIGHT, CMT,10pm eastern. Thanx to cmt.com for this... Hank Jr. Will Salute Waylon on ACMs Hank Williams Jr. will be part of a tribute to Waylon Jennings on The 37th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, May 22 at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. Alabama and Sara Evans also are newly announced performers on the show, which will be carried live by CBS except on the West Coast. Nelson Will Play for Nebraska Farmers Willie Nelson will help ranchers and farmers in Dawes County, Neb., with a benefit concert Aug. 31, the Associated Press reports. “Legends Beneath the Buttes 2002” will be held on private land near Crawford, in northwest Nebraska. Dedicated to the memory of Waylon Jennings, the concert also will feature Billy Joe Shaver and Hank Williams III. Thanx to John and Country Standard Time * * * * * * * April 26, 2002: Look for a Waylon Jennings tribute album on RCA in February 2003 release, the label announced Friday. The project, which will include recordings from artists in country music as well as other genres, has been authorized by Waylon's wife, Jessi Colter. The tribute will include 16 of his greatest hits. "One of the first artists I heard when I moved to Nashville was Waylon during the 'The Time' album, " reflects RLG Chairman Joe Galante. "His music had a major impact on my life and career. His RCA catalog has sold over 15 million units. I learned about what is important to an artist during my over 20 years with Waylon. He was a friend and we are honored that Jessi has chosen to work with us." "It seems fitting that RCA should take the lead here since Studio B is where Waylon began the revolution in country music," says Jessi Colter Jennings. Hazel Smith will be executive producer. Smith, in tandem with RLG A&R Vice President, Renee Bell, will oversee artist and song selection. Each act will produce and deliver their own track for this collection. Smith coined the phrase "outlaw music" in 1973. She is a journalist for Country Music magazine and announcer for a daily country news program on major radio stations. "She loves country music and those who make it with all her heart, and she protects it like a mother hen protects her chicks," states RLG Chairman Galante. "Her passion for what she believes in is legendary, and she does not care what rules she breaks. What better person to produce this homage to Waylon Jennings." Remarks Hazel Smith, "Waylon's life was music that he made because he was that good. His non-prejudiced attitude, like his music, straddled most musical genres, but copied no one. He took a stand that the established way might not be the right way and he did it his way. In the spotlight, he was a poet laureate with a melody and a telecaster. God bless his memory."
* * * * * * * April 22, 2002...This week's TV Guide (Star Trek characters on cover) has a half page tribute to Waylon with photo of him. April 19, 2002...This is hilarious...This is how a French newspaper's automatic translator translated an article... Died of Waylon Jennings, head of the outlaws of the music country... The singer and American guitarist of music country Waylon Jennings died Wednesday February 13 in his residence of Chandler (Arizona) of diabetic complications. It was 64 years old. Waylon Jennings was the initiator of the movement "outlaw" (outlaw) which made blow a wind of revolt (and panic) on the conformist institution of Nashville in the years 1970. With his hat and his black costume, his threatening beard and his eyes, this psychopath refused very compromised. Its influence is considerable at the same time on the country (that it is via the revival traditionalist or the alternative country-rock'n'roll) and rock' n'roll, and its paradoxical contribution: defender of the orthodoxy of the honky-tonk, it opened the kind with the winds of the folk and the rock'n'roll. Its career is marked out by an about sixty albums and well more excesses, which would make pass the rock'n'roll-stars the most poisoned for pleasant water drinkers. Waylon Jennings should have disappeared there is quarante-trois years. It was expected that the young bass player of the singer Buddy Holly gets into the plane which was crushed on February 3, 1959 in Iowa, by a malicious time of blizzard. The accident killed Buddy Holly and its fellow-members Richie Valens and The Big Bopper. Seized up, this last replaced, at the last minute, Waylon Jennings, which travelled in the bus of the round. Jennings was to never get rid of a terrible guilt feeling. It told that it had this exchange with Buddy Holly, before the departure: "I hope that your bus will break down... - I hope that your plane will be crushed." ADMIRE AND FEARS Born on June 15, 1937 in Littlefield (Texas), Waylon Jennings was the son of a truck-driver musician of ball. It learns the guitar at the eight years age, picking cotton, becomes DJ of radio. In 1955, it meets Buddy Holly which produces its first 45-turns. "Buddy was the first nobody to trust me. I had as much talent than an old shoe." It moves in Phoenix (Arizona) and melts a group, Waylors, which will not leave it any more. Its rockabilly does not meet any success. In Los Angeles, it is put at the country when its producer would wish that it make the pop one. Without more success. It is finally in Nashville that it obtains a contract with the house of discs RCA. It binds friendship and divides an apartment with Johnny Cash in which the two men devote themselves to extreme narcotic experiments. Jennings engraves especially its first tubes, Stop the World and Let Me Off , Walk one Out of My Mind , I Got You , Only Daddy That' ll Walk The Line , Yours Love . These successes enable him to obtain a total artistic freedom, absolutely inconceivable thing in this medium in this time. Waylon Jennings does not hope to remain about it there. Admired and fears by Nashville, it federates those which do not accept its rules: Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Billy Joe Shaver. Jennings interprets their songs, contributing to their notoriety. Against any waiting, the discs of these outlaws beat records of sales and make waver the system. The Wanted album! The Outlaws (1976), compilation gathering of Suvres de Jennings, his wife, Jessi Colter, of Willie Nelson and Tompall Glaser causes an electric shock while parading in the first place of the American pop classification. Jennings becomes an immense star. All seems to succeed to him, its multiple collaborations with Willie Nelson ( Waylon and Willie , in 1978), like the councils which it lavishes to the mothers ( Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys ) and to the children ( Cowboys, Sisters, Rascals & Dirt, where it explains why it is significant not to leave the school). The continuation will be less glorious. The movement outlaw ebbs at the beginning of the years 1980. Jennings will have to break with more than twenty years of dependence to the hard drugs (it will admit having spent 1500 dollars per day in cocaine) by désintoxicant with the method known as "cold turkey", radical weaning. It always records, but takes retreat. It melts, in 1985, The Highwaymen, assembled sympathetic nerve veterans, with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash, and consigns its memories with the assistance of the journalist and guitarist of Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye. Waylon Jennings had just finished an album, Closing The Fire , with for guests Sheryl Crow, Sting and Mark Knopfler. Collector of gold and platinum discs (one of its compilations ran out to 4 million units), it had been established only in October 2001 in Country Music Hall of Fame, the museum-mausoleum of Nashville. Without taking part in the ceremony. It will never be known if this absence were due in its health or its contempt of the Establishment. Bruno Lesprit Article about Willie on Waylon . thanx Jeff. Article from CMT.com Here's an article...(Thanx Gypsy) From Window Rock to Luckenbach: Waylon, the Duke and the Navajo By David Orr I was on the Navajo reservation last weekend. You may know that the Navajo people have long had a major fondness for and relationship with Waylon Jennings, moreso perhaps than any other musician. The relationship goes back many years, when Waylon began making regular tour stops on the rez. So I was listening to a radio show (I think it was KGLP-FM out of Gallup) and they were playing a WJ retrospective, complete with commentary--mostly in the Navajo language--on the personal experiences of the DJ and other guests about the time they met Waylon, or the time their family had Waylon over for fry bread and mutton stew. It was remarkable, as much as I could make out, given my lack of understanding of the Navajo language. The irony, or maybe the logic, of the Navajos' love for Waylon was that Waylon was of course known for his hard-drinking lifestyle, certainly one that many Indians could relate to, at least on the level of getting messed-up all the time, but it is also full of meaning that he died of complications from diabetes, which is the result, in part, of a hard-drinking lifestyle. Last year, Waylon had a foot amputated. There are , sadly, many Diné who can relate to that as well. "Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys" no doubt had a certain poignancy for many Indians, many of whom have chosen the cowboy persona, which is no doubt part of the attraction to Waylon of their culture. At the same time, the brutal Long Walk of the Navajos that occurred 150 years ago, at the hand of Kit Carson and the U.S. Army Cavalry, is frequently on the lips and minds of ordinary people and tribal leaders. Why it is that they embrace cowboy culture in light of their still-raw wounds visited on them by the cowboys' front men may be seen simply as a paradox--perhaps even a manifestation of the "Stockholm Syndrome" (the Western version might be termed the "Livestock Syndrome"). Maybe it was the very idea of "outlaw country"--a renegade form of music and idolatry--that held the attention of so many Navajos. The only other iconic figure of 20th century bilagaana (white) Western culture that I know of that Navajos seem to hold in reverence is, of all people, John Wayne. The Duke is, for many people on the rez, literally a cardboard cut-out hero (see him for yourself in Kayenta at the restaurant on the east side of town). This is mostly the result of The Duke being the biggest Hollywood star ever to spend a lot of time in and around Monument Valley (he was in a number of films shot there). We might think of John Wayne as an "outlaw" in his own right, since he often whupped up on "bad" white guys--presumably the same subclass of characters that whupped up on the Navajos and other Indians. I've met some Navajos that seem to project a God-like quality onto John wayne, and that's the only explanation I can come up with. And Waylon may have taken the Duke's place in the pantheon of the younger generation. [If you ever get a chance to see the film "Return of Navajo Boy," it's a great documentary about the painful legacy of both the uranium mining era in Monument Valley and the missionary/boarding school era. You'll also see a story about a boy named John Wayne Cly, named by his parents when the Duke came through to shoot a movie.] In any case, there is no doubt that something about Waylon Jennings' music held more than passing appeal that may have as much to say about the Navajos' own evolving culture and their relationship with the bilagaana world--and its iconsas it does about the individual songs Waylon sang and lyrics he wrote. I heard a story on that radio program that Waylon's memorial service was held last week in Luckenbach, Texas, a small town near Kerrville (2 hrs west of Austin in the Texas Hill Country). There was quite a crowd--perhaps the largest number of people to gather in Luckenbach in many years (even fifty people gathering in Luckenbach might qualify as a major crowd, but I assume it was a substantially greater number than that). A number of celebrities
made appearances, including Jerry Jeff and Willie. I'm guessing there was plenty of Lone Star, Pearl, and Shiner Bock beer to go around. Maybe even a few Heinekens for the high-end drinkers. Luckenbach is a small place that would, other than the highway sign, appear not even to be a town in the eyes of many motorists passing through on their way to the LBJ Boyhood Home National Historic Site or to Pedernales Falls State Park. I've been through Luckenbach many times when I lived in Austin, as I often travelled to Kerrville (you may know it as the home of the Kerrville Folk Festival). I sure wish I'd'a been in Luckenbach last week. And I'm sure there are lots of Navajo families that will name kids after Waylon in the years to come. David Orr is program diretor of Living Rivers, a Moab, Utah-based group that is working to bring down Glen Canyon Dam and revive the Colorado as a free-flowing river through the canyonlands of Utah and Arizona. He can be reached at: david@livingrivers.net --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanx to Ole for pointing out this good stuff from Carl P's site; Waylon Tribute April 8, 2000...2 recent shows with a bit of Waylon; E!True hollywood stories,The Dukes of Hazzard...& Bravo Profiles, Johnny Cash. Those may repeat later. check www.eonline.com and www.bravotv.com Thanx to CMT... In a memorial service that was by turns raucous, rocking and reverent, Waylon Jennings was warmly remembered by friends, fans and family at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium on Saturday (Mar. 23). Artists ranging from Charley Pride to Kris Kristofferson to Jennings' own son Shooter paid tribute to the late Country Music Hall of Fame member in song and story. The 64-year-old country star died on Feb. 13 in his sleep at his home in Phoenix, where he and wife Jessi Colter had moved after selling their Nashville home. The service was open to the public -- the Ryman's main floor was reserved for family and friends; the 1,000-seat balcony was open to the general public, on a first come, first serve basis. Fans started arriving long before the 7:30 p.m. start time and by the time the doors opened at 7 p.m., a double line of waiting people snaked from the Ryman's doors down Fourth Avenue to Broadway. Fans spent the time swapping stories about Jennings and waving to the celebrities arriving in tour buses and limousines. "There's Emmylou!" "I saw Rodney Crowell!" "I said hi to Hank Jr. in the alley!" Nashville disc jockey Carl P. Mayfield, who in recent years gave Jennings a public forum with the call-in show "Waylon Wednesdays" on station WKDF-FM (103.3), served as master of ceremonies. The service -- dubbed "I've Always Been Crazy: A Celebration of the Life and Legacy of Waylon Jennings" -- began with Jennings' son Shooter taking the stage -- which was adorned with a large backdrop of Jennings's signature flying "W" logo, a large picture of him, and two tall vases of red roses flanking his familiar Telecaster guitar with the hand-tooled leather cover, a black cowboy hit perched atop its neck. Shooter Jennings welcomed the crowd and explained that although Johnny Cash had been scheduled for the service (and was listed in the program as the first musical performer), his doctors had advised against him traveling from his winter home in Jamaica. "I talked to him and Johnny said to enjoy yourselves and honor Waylon," said Shooter. With that, Travis Tritt took the stage. Remarking that "Waylon had one foot firmly in country and one in rock 'n' roll, and I've tried to pattern myself after him," Tritt launched into a rocking version of Jennings' 1973
song "Lonesome, On'ry and Mean." Backed by the 10-piece Waymore's Blues Band -- Jennings' last musical ensemble --which includes noted sax player Jim Horn and guitarist Reggie Young, Tritt at times sounded eerily like Jennings. He was followed by the young group Cross Canadian Ragweed, who performed an energetic version of "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line." That was followed by lengthy video clips of different periods in Jennings' life and career, anchored by a recurring scenario of actor Robert Duvall portraying a shrink, interviewing Jennings as his patient. The biggest laugh of the night came during the airing of a clip of Jennings
on the TV show "Politically Incorrect," in which he said, "We don't want to impeach Clinton. We just want somebody to kick his ass." Charley Pride came onstage to sing "Good Hearted Woman" and to recall that Jennings had offered him that song before he himself recorded it. He also flashed a ring that Jennings gave him years ago, which he still wears. Pride was followed by Hank Williams Jr., who said that Jennings had been a father figure to him and took him on the road with him as opening act when Hank Jr. was still a teenager. "When I was 16," he said, "Waylon let ol' Bocephus go out there. He could have had the pick of anybody he wanted." Williams sang his emotional composition "Eyes of Waylon" and was interrupted by an audience ovation for the line "the first triple platinum in this town is hanging on his wall" -- a reference to Jennings' 1979 Greatest Hits album, which became Nashville's first 3 million-selling album and has since been certified quadruple platinum. Kris Kristofferson prefaced his version of Jennings' composition "I Do Believe" by saying, "If I ever thought I would be singing to honor Waylon in the Ryman Auditorium, it might have helped me through some hard spots." After Nashville songwriter Tom Douglas sang "Nothing Catches Jesus by Surprise," another series of videos was shown, featuring the video of Jennings' "Wild Ones" and a Kid Rock video in which he sang Jennings' theme song from the TV show "Dukes of Hazzard" and paid homage to Jennings. Among those sending letters and e-mails of condolence that were read to the crowd were Graham Nash, Kenny Rogers, Paul Simon, Billy Bob Thornton, Neil Diamond, James Garner, and Metallica lead singer James Hetfield, whose lengthy message was very heartfelt. The latter got a great cheer from the balcony crowd, which was made up of staunch and very vocal Jennings fans. There was more black leather showing in the balcony than on the stage and the ground floor combined, and there were black cowboy hats up there galore. One fan tee shirt read "Waylon F-----g Jennings," as he used to introduce himself in shows long ago. Live music resumed with David Lee Murphy singing Jennings' 1978 hit "Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out of Hand." Texas singers Pat Green and Cory Morrow performed Jennings' 1975 hit song "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way," with Green introducing it by remarking, "This is one of those songs I wish I'd written." Then, the Waymore's Blues Band did a rousing version of "Never Say Die." Mayfield prefaced Shooter Jennings' performance with his L.A. band Stargunn by saying, "Jessi said that Waylon wanted Shooter to sing 'I've Always Been Crazy' at his funeral." And Shooter and his metal band fused very well with his father's Waymore's Blues Band on the song, with Shooter's fiery vocals and his band's churning metal guitars alternating with lively fiddle and piano and trumpet solos from the Waymore band. "This may be the changing of the guard," said Mayfield, after the song. Folksy minister and author Will D. Campbell delivered what he called "the geriatric part of the program" and called Jennings "a renegade, an outlaw, a man of faith and a man of music … he was ministering all these years and his ministries go on. We bid him Godspeed with the words of another bard, 'Good night sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.' Amen." Billy Ray Cyrus then walked onstage with an acoustic guitar to begin "Amazing Grace," on which he was joined first by Tritt and then by Kristofferson. The song concluded by Cyrus urging the audience to stand and sing along, which became a very rousing version of the overly familiar anthem. The service ended with the first public hearing of the last song Jennings recorded, which was played over a darkened stage. "The Dream" is a lovely piano-based ballad comparing life with a dream, which Jennings concludes by singing "I've had it both ways and the dream could never compare." Shooter Jennings returned to bid all a goodnight and to say, "Thank you for coming. We hope you enjoyed yourselves. We sure as hell did." ------------------------------------------- Waylon's last voiceover work was on tv Sunday March 24. He did a character with lots of ear hair in a barbershop for the Cartoon Network's toon, Saddle Rash. ------------------------------------------- Thanx to the Tennessean for this great article; Ryman gathering gives Waylon final sendoff The Ryman Auditorium was the setting for a tribute to departed country music superstar Waylon Jennings last night, as Kris Kristofferson, Hank Williams Jr., Travis Tritt, Charley Pride and others offered a sendoff that mirrored Jennings' idiosyncratic manner. There was heavy-handed rock 'n' roll from Kid Rock (via videotape), and from Jennings' son Shooter. There were replications of Jennings' stomping, signature songs from Tritt, Pat Green, Cory Morrow, Cross Canadian Ragweed (a favorite of Shooter's) and David Lee Murphy. Williams offered a self-penned song called The Eyes of Waylon, Pride en- listed Jennings' Waymore Blues Band for a version of Good Hearted Woman, and frequent Jennings co-writer Tom Douglas sat alone on stage and accomp- anied himself on keyboard. There was even a public reconciliation, as Jennings' buddies, former rivals Tritt and Billy Ray Cyrus, hugged after a version of Amazing Grace. Throughout, a portrait of a gaunt, wild-eyed Jennings hung high over the stage, seeming to peer down on the proceedings. Though the family had originally asked that media members (aside from one Associated Press journalist) not report on the celebration, by yesterday afternoon they dropped that request. Such organizational details were not the event's only changes: Johnny Cash — Jennings' onetime roommate and one of the Highwaymen group that included Jennings, Kristofferson and Willie Nelson — was scheduled to appear as the evening's first performer, but Shooter Jennings advised that health concerns had kept Cash at his Jamaica home. In lieu of an appearance, Cash sent a telegram. Radio personality and close Jennings friend Carl P. Mayfield, who served as an endearingly discombobulated master of ceremonies, read numerous well-wishes from celebrities including Billy Bob Thornton, Paul Simon, Neil Diamond and James Hetfield, the lead singer of heavy metal rock band Metallica. ''You're as straight a shooter as I ever met,'' Hetfield wrote. ''I felt you had all the answers. And if you didn't, you sure made up some good ones.'' The Rev. Will D. Campbell provided some of the evening's poignant moments
in his remembrance from the podium. He noted that Jennings' 64 years were too few, but said, ''The sweetness of a visit is not measured in terms of its longevity.'' Cyrus took center stage to sing Amazing Grace. He was joined halfway through the song by Tritt, and later by Kristofferson. After that trio left the stage, son Buddy Jennings introduced Waylon Jennings' final recording: a self-penned song called The Dream. Jennings' resonant, world-weary baritone commanded the audience's full attention as the old Outlaw's lyrics weighed his realized dreams of fame against truer accomplishments of love and family. "All I can say, I've had it both ways / And the dream could never compare," he concluded. With that, Shooter Jennings reappeared and offered a parting note: "Thank you for coming," he said. "Now go out and raise some hell." ------------------------------------ March 24, 2002...thanx to AP... Country's Waylon Jennings Remembered By JIM PATTERSON Associated Press Writer NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP)--Waylon Jennings was remembered for his independent spirit Saturday, with friends like Kris Kristofferson and Travis Tritt singing the praises and songs of the iconoclastic country music star. Tritt praised Jennings' ``refusal to do anything other than his own way, his ability to put one foot firmly in the realm of traditional country music, and the other in the middle of rock 'n' roll, and stand his ground.'' Tritt, Kristofferson, Billy Ray Cyrus, David Lee Murphy and the band Stargunn --led by Jennings' son Shooter--were among the performers at Saturday's memorial service at the Ryman Auditorium. ``Basically, he taught us all how to rock,'' said Shooter Jennings. ``And tonight we're going to show him what we've learned.'' The stage was draped with the black backdrop with silver ``W'' logo from Jennings' road show. His black guitar was displayed topped with his black cowboy hat, and red rose pedals were strewn nearby. Video montages showed Jennings at various times in his career, and statements were read from Paul Simon, Graham Nash, Neil Diamond and other musicians. The two-hour service ended with the last song Jennings wrote and recorded, titled ``The Dream.'' ``All I can say is I've had it both ways, and the dream could never compare,'' the audience heard Jennings sing. They responded with shouts of ``God bless you Waylon!'' and ``We love you Waylon!'' The audience was dotted with black cowboy hats and T-shirts touting Jennings. Jennings, 64, one of country music's most enduring and distinctive hitmakers, died Feb. 13. He had suffered diabetes-related health problems for years, and had his left foot amputated in December. ------------ March 22, 2002...Thanx to Casey for this... Got this from the Telecaster Discussion Page. Reggie Young e-mailed a member, who posted the info. Performing Waylon's songs will be: Johnny Cash, Travis Tritt, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Charlie Pride, Hank Jr., Kris Kristofferson, Tom Douglas, Video Montage, Kid Rock, David Lee Murphy, Pat Green, Billy Ray Cyrus, Will Campbell (speaking), and Starrgun (Shooter's band)... and maybe Jessi (doing "Storms Never Last".... Reggie is trying! :-)) March 20, 2002...Thanx to David for this... MEMORIAL INFO I heard today on WYAY, per the Jimmy Carter Entertainment Report from Nashvile the following: Memorial will be very private. No cameras or any TV taping for later showing. Only one reporter from associated press will be allowed. He said this was all Jessi was going to allow. This report is heard on radio stations throughout country. March 5, 2002...Harlan Howard died Sunday March 3. He was a great country songwriter and good friend of Waylon's. March 3,2002; ** A new vintage Waylon CD release "Phase One - The Early Years" featuring the Buddy produced tracks + more is slated for March 5th. Check out Hip-O Records for full details & how to get one. It's also available at Amazon.com or thru My cdnow store . I noticed it also has the rare track "The Stage" which Waylon did as a dedication tune to Buddy way back, plus "Rave On" & "White Lightning" for The Bopper. Good stuff! Tracks: When Sin Stops Jole Blon My Baby Walks All Over Me The Stage (Stars in Heaven) Love Denied Rave On Four Strong Winds Just To Satisfy You The House of the Rising Sun I'm Coming Home Sing The Girls A Song, Bill Crying Sally Was a Good Old Girl Burning Memories Big Mamou Don't Think Twice, It's Alright Dream Baby It's So Easy Love's Gonna Live Here Again White Lightnin' **Some magazines and tabloids with good pics and articles on Waylon's death...March 19 Country Weekly...March 5 STAR...March 5 Enquirer... March 4 People weekly...March 4 Entertainment Weekly...Rolling Stone... Globe. Thanx to Michael Starr for this...Waylon's last voiceover appearance is on The Cartoon Network's "Saddle Rash" March 24 at 11pm. Waylon plays a barbershop customer. --------------------------------- From CMT.com 2-21-02 Jennings Memorial Set Waylon Jennings will be honored at 7:30 p.m. March 23 in a memorial tribute at the Ryman Auditorium. Limited balcony seating will be available to the public. Doors will open at 7 p.m. The event is still in the planning stages, according to a statement from Jennings' spokeswoman, Schatzi Hageman. Jennings died in his sleep at his Chandler, Ariz., home on Feb. 13 at age 64. He was buried Friday, Feb. 15, in a private, graveside service attended by family and close friends including Marty Stuart, Travis Tritt and Hank Williams Jr. The family has requested that memorial donations be made to the Sue Brewer Fund (c/o Songwriters Guild Foundation, 1222 16th Ave. S., Nashville, TN 37212) and/or The Mayo Foundation (13400 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ 85259). Jennings established the Brewer Fund in October 1984 to provide music scholarships for students at Belmont and Vanderbilt Universities. The Mayo Foundation provides funding to children needing prosthetics. Donations should indicate clearly, "In memory of Waylon Jennings." A HREF="http://www.gadfly.org/02-11-02/music-waylon.html">Gadfly.com has 3 very good articles/interviews. CMT.com has an excellent tribute to Waylon! Feb. 17,2002... Thanx to Gypsy and The Arizona Republic for this... Feb. 16, 2002 12:00:00 Waylon Jennings laid to rest in Mesa,AZ. MESA - Country-music star Waylon Jennings was laid to rest Friday at a Mesa cemetery in an intimate service attended by family members and close friends, two days after he died at his Chandler home at age 64. His wife of 33 years, singer Jessi Colter, said through a spokeswoman that the private service was "beautiful and very much the way Waylon would have wanted it." Colter asked that the exact location and other details be kept private, according to a spokesman for Bueler Mortuary in Chandler. Colter also said that she hopes to disclose early next week the details of a memorial service in Nashville that will be open to the public. Jennings is survived by Colter; their son, Waylon Albright, known as Shooter; Colter's daughter, Jennifer; and his children from previous marriages, sons Terry and Buddy and daughters Tomi Lynne, Julie Rae and Deana. Feb 15, 2002 Thanx to The Tennessean and Vivian... Jennings burial will be private; memorial planned After a public life marked by clamoring audiences and reams of press reports about his music, his image and his exploits, country music renegade Waylon Jennings will be laid to rest without fanfare. ''At Waylon's request, it was to be done as fast and as private as possible,'' said Schatzi Hageman, Jennings' publicist. ''The family has requested that I not provide specific information.'' Jennings' widow, Jessi Colter, released a statement yesterday promising a Nashville memorial service that will follow the private burial. ''I know how very much people loved Waylon and want to pay their final respect; therefore, we will be planning a memorial service to take place in Nashville, and those plans will be forthcoming.'' Jennings died Wednesday in Arizona after battling diabetes-related health problems. The time and cause of death are as yet unknown outside his immediate circle of family and friends. Tomorrow night's edition of the Grand Ole Opry will provide an opportunity for several of Jennings' friends and musical compadres to pay him tribute. The show will be dedicated to Jennings' memory and will include a televised portion (7-8 p.m. on CMT) featuring Hank Williams Jr., Travis Tritt, Porter Wagoner and songwriter Bob DiPiero (who co-wrote a song with Tritt about Jennings). Plans for the TV portion are still evolving, but Williams promises to perform Eyes of Waylon, a song written about Jennings in the mid-1990s. Fans may send their condolences to the family at Jennings' Nashville office, 1117 17th Ave. S., Nashville, Tenn. 37212. Thanks to cnn.com for this... Country great Waylon Jennings dead at 64 Jennings defined the music outlaw movement February 14, 2002 Posted: 5:30 AM EST (1030 GMT) NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) -- Waylon Jennings, who defined the outlaw movement in country music, died Wednesday after a long battle with diabetes-related health problems. He was 64. Jennings spokeswoman Schatzie Hageman said Jennings died peacefully at his home in Arizona. Jennings, a singer, songwriter and guitarist, recorded 60 albums and had 16 No. 1 country singles in a career that spanned five decades and began when he played bass for Buddy Holly. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in October. He had been plagued with diabetes-related health problems in recent years that made it difficult for him to walk. In December, his left foot was amputated at a Phoenix hospital. Jennings and his wife, singer Jessi Colter, sold their home in Nashville more than a year ago and moved to Chandler, Arizona. In 1959, his career was nearly cut short by tragedy soon after it began. He was scheduled to fly on the light plane that crashed and killed Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson. Jennings gave up his seat on the plane to Richardson, who was ill and wanted to fly rather than travel by bus with those left behind. With pal Willie Nelson, Jennings performed duets like "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys," "Luckenbach, Texas" and "Good Hearted Woman." Those 1970s songs nurtured a progressive sound and restless spirit embraced later by Travis Tritt, Charlie Daniels, Steve Earle and others. His resonant, authoritative voice also was used to narrate the popular TV show "The Dukes of Hazzard." He sang its theme song, which was a million seller. "I aimed the narration at children and it made it work," he said in a 1987 Associated Press interview. Outsider image He traditionally wore a black cowboy hat and ebony attire that accented his black beard and mustache. Often reclusive when not on stage, he played earthy music with a spirited, hard edge. Combined, Jennings had a well-defined image that matched well with his history of battling record producers to do music his way. About his independence, he said: "There's always one more way to do something -- your way." Some of his album titles nourished his brash persona: "Lonesome, On'ry and Mean," "I've Always Been Crazy," "Nashville Rebel," "Ladies Love Outlaws" and "Wanted: The Outlaws." He often refused to attend music awards shows on grounds performers should not compete against each other. Despite those sentiments, Jennings won two Grammy awards and four Country Music Association awards. He did not attend his induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame last year. For about 10 years, he declined to appear on the Grand Ole Opry because a full set of drums was forbidden at the time. That rule was eventually dropped. In 1992, he told the AP: "I've never compromised, and people respect that." Of his outlaw image, he said: "It was a good marketing tool. In a way, I am that way. You start messing with my music, I get mean. As long was you are honest and up front with me, I will be the same with you. But I still do things my way." Born in Littlefield, Texas, Jennings became a radio disc jockey at 14 and formed his own band not long afterward. He and Holly were teen-age friends in Lubbock, Texas, and Jennings was in Holly's band. Holly also produced Jennings' first record. "Mainly what I learned from Buddy was an attitude," Jennings said. "He loved music, and he taught me that it shouldn't have any barriers to it." By the early 1960s Jennings was playing regularly at a nightclub in Phoenix. In 1963, he was signed by Herb Alpert's A&M Records, then was signed by RCA in Nashville shortly thereafter by Chet Atkins. 'My music has me' His hit records began in the mid-1960s and his heyday was the mid-1970s. His "Greatest Hits" album in 1979 sold 4 million -- a rare accomplishment in country music for that era. In the mid-1980s, he joined with Nelson, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson to form the quartet the Highwaymen, which recorded together and did concert tours. "I'd like to be remembered for my music -- not necessarily by what people see when they see us -- but what they feel when they talk about you," he said in 1984. "Some people have their music. My music has me." His other hit singles included "I'm a Ramblin' Man," "Amanda," "Lucille," "I've Always Been Crazy" and "Rose in Paradise." He made occasional forays into TV movies, including "Stagecoach" and "Oklahoma City Dolls," plus the Sesame Street movie "Follow That Bird" and the B-movie "Nashville Rebel." He has said he spent 21 years on drugs and had a $1,500-a-day cocaine habit. "I did more drugs than anybody you ever saw in your life," he told the Country Music Association's Close Up magazine in 1994. In 1977, he was arrested at a Nashville recording studio and charged with conspiracy and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. The charges were later dismissed. He kicked the habit in 1984 by leasing a house in Arizona and going cold turkey, he said. He and Colter, his fourth wife, married in 1969. They had one son, Shooter. This story and good pics and celeb comments at CNN.com ------------------------------ mail to Hosshead Mail For Waylon, Leigh and Nikki, 1117 17th ave. South, Nashville, TN. 37212. Thanx to Jerry and Ronisue for this from Waylon's office... Hey Guys!!! Jerry (LRRP) sent an email to Nikki and Leigh asking if there was anything we all could do to help Waylon's spirits. Here is Nikki"s reply: Thanks Jerry! Prayers from the hossheads would be the best thing!! Waylon seems to be doing much better and is taking steps in the right direction, literally!! You are all very kind for your genuine concern and if you each would like to send a card, I will be glad to fed ex them on to him. I think he is really touched by the support of his fans! Many thanks!!! Nikki **** Thanx to the various people who let me know about this... Associated Press Jan. 04, 2002 16:15:00 Country mainstay Waylon Jennings had his left foot amputated in a Phoenix hospital over the Christmas holiday, spokeswoman Nikki Mitchell said. The foot had to be amputated because of an infection related to the singer's diabetes, Mitchell said. Jennings, 62, was hospitalized in the middle of his tour last year, forcing the postponement of a November concert in Phoenix. He is expected to resume touring this spring. In a statement, Jennings, whose hits include "Good-Hearted Woman" and "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys," said he could walk again after "two years of stumbling." Hang in there Waylon, God bless! We wish you a speedy recovery. Inside fame with Waylon on CMT is great. Don't miss it! Schedule below. Waylon was a guest commentator on A&E's Biography on Buddy Holly Dec. 3. Good show. Waylon World is 4 years old. Thanx for your interest. On November 28, on Jeopardy, in the category 70's Songs, a question was "Waylon Jennings sang of going to this Texas town with "Willie, Waylon and the boys". None of the contestants got it. Some people don't know good music. 2002 Calendars are ready! Go get 'em at Calendars Inside Fame on CMT Waylon Jennings 60 minutes- Music legend Waylon Jennings discusses his life. Sat Dec 8 01:00P CMTV- Country Music Tv Sun Dec 9 07:00P CMTV- Country Music Tv Mon Dec 17 10:00P CMTV- Country Music Tv Tue Dec 18 10:00A CMTV- Country Music Tv Sat Dec 22 01:00P CMTV- Country Music Tv Sun Dec 23 07:00P CMTV- Country Music Tv Mon Dec 24 10:00P CMTV- Country Music Tv Tue Dec 25 10:00A CMTV- Country Music Tv Sat Dec 29 01:00P CMTV- Country Music Tv Sun Dec 30 07:00P CMTV- Country Music Tv *Watch for photos owned/loaned by Mike Sheets and Howard Olsen. REALLY Good Show! Nov. 16 Thanx to Darryl for this info...seems Waylon had more circulation surgery on his legs in a Phoenix hospital recently. He's doing well and should be released before Thanksgiving. Waylon had a voice cameo on the cartoon tv show The Family Guy on Fox on Nov. 15. The Griffins were in witness protection in the deep south, so Peter painted his station wagon to look like the General Lee. When he jumped his car over a gorge, Waylon said, (Dukes narrating style)..."Them Griffin boys had better grow wings, or start flapping their arms." Wed. November 7, 2001...CBS TV...CMA Awards...Waylon's induction into the Country Music Hall Of Fame was announced. Friday, October 26 is Waylon & Jessi's anniversary. CMT Inside Fame is working on an episode about Waylon to air in December. Howard Olsen and I loaned the producer some pics and info which hopefully will be used on the show! Cool huh? From Country Weekly... When ask what he thought should be done after the attack on America,Waylon said "They've got to get after those people now and retaliate. I can't even walk, but chase 'em by my wheelchair and I'll knock somebody in the head." >Quote from from Sonic.net (Thanx to Hawk for this) >----------------------------------------- > Waylon Jennings Greets Hall Of Fame Induction With Shrug > > Honor means 'absolutely nothing,' famed outlaw singer says. > > NASHVILLE - Waylon Jennings said Wednesday that joining the Country > Music Hall of Fame last week means "absolutely nothing, if you want to > know the truth about it." > > Jennings addressed the issue in an interview with CMT News Wednesday > morning (October 10) following the unveiling of his caricature at the > Palm Restaurant in Nashville. > > When 12 new members were inducted into the hall at a special dinner on > Thursday, Jennings chose to sit out the event, sending his son Buddy > Jennings to accept the honor on his behalf. > > Fellow inductee Sam Phillips, speaking at the banquet, expressed regret > at Jennings' absence. "Waylon is like me, in many ways," he said. "He > is, in his own mind, ... a rebel with a cause. ... It don't mean you're > mad at a damn soul, but now Waylon can get mad, you know?" > > Jennings and the Country Music Association - the body that oversees > election to the hall - have had a prickly relationship through the > years, and Jennings long has maintained that he'd rather play his music > than accept awards for it. > > "They told me years ago I'd never be in [the hall], which was all right > with me," Jennings said. "I think you need to play your music and do the > best you can with that, and that's what you'll be remembered for." > > In his book, "Waylon: An Autobiography," Jennings recalls being asked to > perform an abbreviated version of his hit "Only Daddy That'll Walk the > Line" at a CMA awards show. > > "I said, 'Why don't I just dance across the stage and grin? Maybe do one > line. That'll give you a lot of time.' " > > Show producers gave him an ultimatum - do the song their way or leave. > "They said, 'We don't need you,' " Jennings wrote. "I decided that was > true, and I left." > > Though he's not itching for a fight now, Jennings won't back down, > either. "I don't want any more trouble. I've had trouble with them all > through these years," he said. "I'm not a member of the CMA." > > He's not mad or bitter, Jennings added, and he could have lived without > the honor had it not come his way. > > "I let one of my sons go there and accept it," he said. "I think it > meant something to my kids, and that's enough." > > - Jay Orr, with additional reporting by Bill Conger and Michael Gray > > [ Wed., October 10, 2001 7:16 PM EDT ] > >------------------------------------------ A friend Of Hawk's had breakfast with Waylon during the time he was in Nashville recently. They visited with Johnny Cash in the hospital. Waylon exchanged quips with John, as they were leaving. John said to Waylon, "Hang in there buddy, we need to make them sweat a while longer." Waylon turned around and said to John, " I'll stand behind you 'til your chest caves in and then I'll lead you runnin'. " The Country Weekly magazine of 10-01 reports that Waylon has been writing some songs with singer David Lee Murphy. Thanx to Don for this... New BUDDHA CD track listings "Dreaming My Dreams" has two extra tracks, both from the Mackintosh & T.J. Soundtrack . 1 Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way 2 Waymore's Blues 3 I Recall A Gypsy Woman 4 High Time (you Quit Your Low Down Ways) 5 I've Been A Long Time Leaving (but I'll 6 Be A Long Time Gone) 7 Let's All Help The Cowboys (sing The Blues) 8 The Door Is Always Open 9 Let's Turn Back The Years 10 She's Looking Good 11 Dreaming My Dreams With You 12 Bob Willis Is Still The King 13 All Around Cowboy (Mackintosh & T.J. Soundtrack) 14 Ride Me Down Easy (Newer Version, Mackintosh & T.J. Soundtrack) AND RCA Legend's, Waylon Jennings: 1 Stop The World (and Let Me Off) 2 (that's What You Get) For Lovin Me 3 The Chokin' Kind 4 Walk On Out Of My Mind 5 Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line 6 Yours Love 7 Brown Eyed Handsome Man 8 The Taker 9 Cedartown Georgia 10 Sweet Dream Woman 11 Pretend I Never Happened 12 You Can Have Her 13 You Ask Me To 14 This Time 15 I'M A Ramblin' Man 16 Rainy Day Woman 17 Dreaming My Dreams With You 18 Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way 19 Bob Wills Is Still The King 20 Good Hearted Woman (duet With Willie Nelson) 21 Can't You See 22 Are You Ready For The Country 23 Luckenbach Texas (back To The Basics Of Love) 24 The Wurlitzer Prize (I Don't Want To Get Over You) 25 Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (duet With Willie Nelson) 26 I've Always Been Crazy 27 Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done 28 Got Out Of Hand 29 Amanda 30 Come With Me 31 I Ain't Living Long Like This 32 Clyde 33 Theme From The Dukes Of Hazzard (good 34 Ol'boys) 35 Storms Never Last (duet With Jessi Colter) 36 Shine 37 Lucille (you Won't Do Your Daddy's Will) 38 I May Be Used 39 Never Could Toe The Mark 40 America 41 Waltz Me To Heaven 42 Drinkin' And Dreamin' Thanx to Casey for this info… A brand new Australian Waylon compilation has just been released. It has 49 tracks, and is pretty comprehensive. It goes for $18.95 Australian, or $9.09 US. Here's the ChaosMusic page for it. Also, The "RCA Country Legends" double CD from Buddha is due to be released on November 6. CDNow has it to pre-order. Willie Nelson was featured on CMT's INSIDE FAME Monday, Sept. 3 at 10pm. It repeats on 9-4 at 10 am...9-8 at 1 pm...9-9 at 7pm...9-17 at 10pm... 9-18 at 10 am...9-29 at 3pm, Eastern times. Waylon appears several times. The Life and Times of The Highwaymen will be on CMT Thursday Sept. 27 at 10pm and Friday Sept. 28 at 10 am eastern. (This turned out to be Life and times of the Outlaws, a repeat, but still a good show.) The Johnny Cash anthology will be on many PBS stations tonight, Wednesday, August 9. Waylon is one of the commentators. Thanx to Casey for this info... Buddha Records plans more Waylon releases in October. We have a 2-CD Waylon collection in our "RCA Country Legends" line, and are reissuing "Dreaming My Dreams" with bonus tracks in our "Original Masters" series. Waylon will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame this year. He'll be official announced during the CMA Awards Nov. 7. Country Music Hall of Fame.com Go to Country.com to vote for your all-time favorite videos. I voted for Waylon's "Wrong". You can vote once a day. They'll be shown during Labor day weekend on CMT. Check out this article Chet Atkins died July 1, 2001. He signed Waylon to RCA records and was Waylon's producer there for awhile in the late 60s. The great singer/songwriter Johnny Russell died July 3. He was a good friend of Waylon's. On Sunday, June 24, '01, CMT aired INSIDE FAME,HANK WILIAMS JR. Waylon was featured quite a bit talking about Hank. www.hankjr.com says it'll repeat Friday, June 29 at 7pm and Saturday at noon EASTERN TIMES. www.country.com says it'll repeat Friday at 8, and doesnt mention Saturday! I guess you're all familiar with the rock group The Band. (Waylon recorded their song "The weight"). Well, on The Band's official site is a page about Waylon recording that song at the Ryman, and they have a pic that I took of him there on their page! see it at The Band . The 1970 western movie NED KELLY starring Mick Jagger and with GREAT music by Waylon and Kris Kristofferson will be on Showtime July 5 at 12:30pm ;July 10 at 2:15pm , and July 30 at 1:00 pm. Thursday, June 14. Some good awards last night on the TNN/CMT Country Weekly Awards; Song and Single and Collaborative Performance...Murder on Music Row, Alan Jackson and George Strait. Album...When somebody loves you,Alan Jackson Male...Alan Jackson Video...www.memory,Alan Jackson Entertainer...George Strait No Waylon, but at least good music for a change. ~~~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WAYLON FRIDAY, JUNE 15!! HE'S 64.~~~~ Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, June 14 - 16. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Music Row area of Nashville, TN: 1117 - 17th Ave. S.,
at the corner of Edgehill and 17th. Items include: 1974 "Black Outlaw" Cadillac, Fender Telecaster, couontry French sofa,
partners' desk, Victrola, marble top cabinet, mirror and glass front console,
conference table with 6 leather chairs, autographed books, posters, albums,
tour books, stage clothes, Waylon's napping sofa, "Flying W" wall hanging,
art, silver, tour merchandise, lots of memorabilia.
Interested parties can visit this website Bernice Denton.com On Thursday, May 10th.,on his Late Show, David Letterman was ranting about the Academy of Country Music Awards the night before. He said, "Why do they call that country? That isn't country. Call it something else, but don't call it country. What about Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, George Jones, what about Waylon Jennings? that's country!" Paul Shaffer said "Waylon Jennings doesn't have dancers." Dave showed clips from the awards and made fun of the Broadway type performances, then showed clips of real country singers who have been on his show. Right on Dave! Happy Birthday to Shooter Jennings, May 19 and to Jessi Colter, May 25. 2 great new cd's I recommend...John Anderson, Nobody's got it all. (excellent!)and Stevie Nicks, Trouble in Shangri-La. (very good) Check out this Waylon Puzzle CD CONTEST WINNERS

March 29, '01... Hossheads...check out; Biography.com and click on Country Legends message boards to tell em who's the greatest. We need a Waylon Biography. Waylon was shown briefly last night on the Johnny Cash bio. Lotsa great new pics added recently to the archive pages. Ole and Ron are thanked for most. Archive 28 and on. March 11, 01...A new group called Trick Pony has their debut cd out this week. Waylon & Johnny Cash join them on a song. (Thanx Hawk) "Mama's Don't Let Your Babies…" -- recorded by Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson in 1978 -- made the RIAA(The Recording Industry Association of America) - NEA (The National Endowment for the Arts) "Songs of the Century" list. To see the rest of the list click here: LIST (thanx Jeff) I got the new gospel album by Randy Travis "Inspirational Journey" cause Waylon & Jessi sing with him on "The carpenter"; GREAT song, very good cd. I also got the latest Billy Ray Cyrus cd, "Southern Rain" cause Waylon and John Anderson and others join him on "We the people". Great song, good album. Feb. 10, 01...There's an article and pics in this week's Country Weekly magazine about the Waylon sale. (JoDee Messina on cover). See some of the pics at Archive 27. Jan. 17, 01 There MAY be another Waylon sale in Nashville. I'll let you know if and when. here's the letter from Sallye. Please don't write her for info, I'll let you know when she knows. MIKE, WE ANTICIPATE ANOTHER WAYLON SALE SOMETIME IN THE SPRING TO EARLY SUMMER. NO DATE HAS BEEN CHOSEN YET. IT WILL NOT BE AT WAYLON'S HOME, WHICH WILL BE SOLD BY THEN. IT WILL BE IN NASHVILLE THOUGH. WAYLON IS STILL DOWN SIZING - HE HAS STORAGE PLACES, VAULTS, AND APPARENTLY TONS MORE TO SELL. AS SOON AS WE GET A DATE, I'LL LET YOU KNOW FIRST. BERENICE OK'D MY PASSING THIS ON TO YOU. IT WON'T DO ANY GOOD HAVING A FLOOD OF EMAILS YET, BECAUSE WE ARE STILL MOVING THE ITEMS FROM THE DECEMBER SALE. BERENICE AGREED THAT YOUR SITE IS FABULOUS. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! SALLYE Jan. 12, Thanx to Don G. for this about "Waylon & Willie" & "WW2" CDs... Both will be released as SEPERATE CD's on January 23. Cheap too, $9.97 each.....with all LP tracks included, no extra tracks. January 11, 2001; got this from sallye at the waylon moving sale today... Dear Mike and All Hossheads, This was THE MOST INCREDIBLE EVENT in recent Nashville history, and I am thrilled to have been a part. The counting is over ( I did it all!) We had over 3,000 attend. After Day 1, you were not asked to fill in another card, so we can add on to that 3,000. Fans came from approximately 30 states. Fans came from London, Australia, Japan, and several provinces in Canada. Now, I'd say that Waylon and Jessi are REALLY LOVED! And, those of us who worked the sale would like to add that Waylon's staff at his Nashville home are some of the nicest folks around anywhere! We were fed by Corky's BBQ, around the corner from Waylon - great food! And the local Brentwood Police were wonderful as our Security. Sallye Galloway (Berenice Denton Estate Sales). *personal note from Mike...I got Shooter's beer mug with his name on it for Tara, my youngest monkey, from Sallye at the sale. Tara turns 14 Saturday. Got my Waylon hat from the sale, along with a signed letter from Waylon and a pic of him and Jessi and 2 guitar picks. Thanx so much to Sallye and Bernice of the sale. See more stuff of Waylon's and Jessi's for sale at Ebay.com and see my hat and pics of stuff for sale or sold at Waylon's Moving sale.
Waylon's moving sale info from Sallye today, Friday, Dec. 29... Mike, I am a bit tired, but just wanted you to know that today we had I know over 2000
people all day long from 8 am to 7 pm. It has been absolutely fabulous!
They about cleaned us out but more is being pulled tonite. The cars won't go til Sat.
More later! Sallye ------ Waylon's moving sale info email i got today...(Thurs. Dec. 28) THE MEDIA HAS REALLY BEEN AROUND. NBC, CNN, AND SOME LOCALS.
THRILLED. ----------- >HI, MIKE! I THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE TO SPREAD THE WORD THAT THE MOVING SALE WILL BE HERE IN NASHVILLE, TN ON DECEMBER 28, 29, AND 30. THE HOURS ARE 8 TO 7 ON THURS. AND 8 TO 5 THE OTHER TWO DATES. BESIDES UNBELIEVABLE MEMORABILIA, WE ARE SELLING THE GENERAL LEE FROM "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD" AND A 1974 BLACK CADILLAC, 3 GUITARS, CLOTHES WORN FOR ALBUM COVERS AND TO THE GRAMMYS AND CMA'S, THE WOODEN INDIAN, AND ON AND ON... >ANY QUESTIONS MAY BE SENT TO EITHER sgalloway@home.com or to j.galloway2@home.com >THANKS FOR GETTING THE WORD OUT! >SALLYE FOR BERENICE DENTON ESTATES, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE >12/18/00 My Christmas card 2U The "Heroes" album by Waylon & Johnny Cash is now available on CD! Order here! The movie, Moonrunners with Waylon singing and narrating was on Showtime on Dec. 7. Waylon sings "Slow rolling low", "Today is mine" and "Whiskey man". I recorded it, of course. If you don't know, Moonrunners was the inspiration for Dukes of Hazzard. Waylon & Jessi appears on: The Carpenter on Randy Travis's new CD: Inspirational Journey. Waylon appears on Billy Ray Cyrus's new CD: Southern Rain. Travis Tritt's new CD: Down The Road I Go (very good) he has a track: Never Get Away From Me. (for Waylon and Jessi) Waylon did not appear on the track, but it dedicated to Waylon & Jessi, Waylon & Jessi moved to Arizona. Shooter is persuing his music career in L.A. Mike's Waylon World is THREE YEARS OLD DEC. 1st.!! Thanx for your interest and support. I always welcome info, questions, suggestions, pictures of Waylon, etc. Happy Holidays. On Wednesday, November 15, I met Rev. Will Campbell. Most Hossheads know that he is a friend of Waylon & Jessi. He's also a great author, storyteller, civil rights leader, and preacher. He is friends with President Jimmy Carter. He is the subject of the PBS video "God's Will". Will was at a small church in Blacksburg, Va. We talked for awhile about Waylon. He said he'd talked to Jessi the day before. Most of what he told me about Waylon, I already knew, but it was great fun to meet someone so cool and important. After a short meet and greet, Will spoke and read to the large group there to see him. Someone talked him into pickin' and singing a song too. He asked what we'd like to hear, so I said "Do some Waylon." He said "Waylon takes too much breath." So he sang "The gospel according to Luke",one of my favorite songs. See my signed photo of Will. Photo I took with him at Cool Images . More about Will at Socks on a rooster. Sandy writes: video of NSD Live We talked to Leigh today at Waylon's office and she said the video for NSD Live should be out sometime next year.Course that doesn't say a lot,but at least we know that it still is in the works. I love the new CD but wish there was more of the talking and bantering back and forth that I'm sure was part of the show. I'm hoping the video will show that. Oh, Leigh also said that Waylon is moving to Arizona and will no longer llive in Tenn. but he hasn't moved yet. (Thanx Sandy for this info). 2001 Waylon Calendars are ready. print your own! On Friday, Oct. 27, on JEOPARDY, a contestant heard an audio clue read by Johnny Cash and said "Who is Waylon Jennings?" "No, close," said Alex, thats a good friend of Waylon's...Johnny Cash." Oct. 17; waylon.com finally has some new stuff!! I made new iron-ons. get iron-on paper for your printer and make your own at Never say die iron-on . See my review of Never say die cd at Never say die review . Here's a good Sonicnet.com article about Waylon
Waylon is personally selling his black caddy at ebay. See it here or if sale is over... Go Here Click Here for Waylon, George and Alan in Country Weekly Oct. 2 . Waylon talks RELIGION Waylon Jennings new live cd Never say die...LIVE is due out now. if you order online, click here My CDNow Store and put Waylon in the search box. clicking his name there doesnt work for some odd reason. thanx. heres song list... 1. Closing In On The Fire 2. Waymore's Blues - (featuring John Anderson) 3. Never Say Die 4. Amanda / Couple More Years, A 5. Drift Away 6. Nothing Catches Jesus By Surprise 7. Good Hearted Woman 8. I'm Not Lisa - (featuring Jessi Colter) 9. Storms Never Last - (featuring Jessi Colter) 10. Never Been To Spain 11. Ramblin' Man, (I'm A) - (featuring Montgomery Gentry) 12. Going Down Rocking 13. I've Always Been Crazy - (featuring Travis Tritt) 14. Can't You See Buy Waylon's House Thanx to Jeff for relaying this info about Rolling Thunder Waylon will be a guest on the Chet Atkins special tues sept. 5, TNN, 8pm eastern. aug. 27...here's info on the Waylon show in Martinsville, Va sept. 30. hope to see you there; Race Fest show Waylon says the Ryman show cd will be called "Never say die...Live" and will be out Sept. or Oct. Aug. 23, 2000... Thanx to Jeff Young and www.carlp.com for the following; Thousands of Bikes Will Roar Through Nashville...Out In Front The Lone Mystery Rider! Followed By Grand Marshalls George Jones and Waylon Jennings in George's Custom Harley-Davidson Pickup With Buddy Holly's Bike In The Back...Headed For The Grounds Of Adelphia Coliseum And A Concert On The Boot Country Stage Starring Ronnie Milsap and featuring the Trailer Park Troubadours and the Winters Brothers Band. Tickets for the concert are $10 and are on sale at all Ticketmaster outlets, by phone at 615-255-9600 or online at http://www.ticketmaster.com. Win tickets by listening to Music City 103. Below is a description of a TV show with waylon as a guest star. It aired on TNN on July 19. It repeats this Friday and saturday July 21, 22. Waylon did a good acting job and was walking much better that when i last saw him in january. There's a short clip of shooter singing just as Waylon shows up on screen, too. 18 Wheels of Justice, TNN's first original action drama series, starring Lucky Vanous, Billy Dee Williams, G. Gordon Liddy and Lisa Thornhill, will present 11 new original episodes this summer, beginning Wednesday, June 21. Country legend Waylon Jennings, his son Shooter Jennings and his band Stargunn, Charlie Daniels and Trace Adkins are among the guest stars in episodes later this summer. In Smuggler's Blues, the first new episode to be telecast Wednesday, June 21 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET/PT), Chance infiltrates a cigarette smuggling ring, but his investigation is hampered by a female rookie reporter who is working the same case. She recognizes Chance and decides he is a bigger story. Waylon Jennings portrays John Murdocco, a drug dealer whose operation former U.S. Federal Agent Chance Bowman (Vanous) is trying to infiltrate. The episode includes "Katwalk," a song by Waylon's son, Shooter Jennings and his band Stargunn. July 13, 2000. www.waylon.com is back after being offline for about a month. Word is that Shooter is no longer running it. waylon said on a radio show last week that his company prez, Nikki Mitchell (a lovely and talented lady) will take over. Ive added some additional pics to the Archive, pages 1-8 and may add more to more pages rather than adding more pages at this time. so if you ain't seen em recently, they're new to you. start at Waylon Archive page 1. June 15, 2000.hey, hossheads. Im almost finished with my latest archive page, you can see it at Archive 15. Bobby bare told someone (who told me) that waylon is walking well now. he had leg surgery recently. no definite date on the release of Waylon at the Ryman cd yet, maybe july 4. theres a problem with the Ryman wanting to charge Waylon for using their name on his cd. They should appriciate the honor and publicity of having their name associated with him and his great live cd. I was there when he recorded it, so it will be GREAT! today is Waylons 63rd. birthday. I improved the radio station on my site. all good music now. link to it from the main page. Hank Jr.'s classic lp "Hank Williams Jr. & Friends" from '75 is finally on cd June 20. Waylons "Right for the time" is being re-released on June 25. Both available for advance order now at cdnow. please use my link to cdnow when ordering from them. I get credit and thus free CDs. thanx. June 9, 2000.Waylon's "Right for the time" is being re-released by buddah records. It will be out july 25. if you pre-order now or order later, please use my cdnow store at My CDNow Store you can link to it from my main page too. thanx and enjoy. June 5, 2000. There's a cool article in this months (June/July) issue of Country Music Magazine about a foreign company (in France) putting out a CD of Willie with Waylon's pic on the cover! See what Waylon did... CLICK HERE. May 30...Our friend Jerry (LRRP) reports that he heard Waylon interviewed on a Nashville radio station last week. Waylon says he's doing great since his leg surgery and expects to be walking well soon. another hosshead friend, Hawk reports that Rance Wasson of Waylons band says the target date for Waylon Live at the Ryman cd is July 4! May 24, 2000. Shooter turned 21 on May 19. Jessi Colter has a Bday on May 25. The classic album "Hank Williams jr. and friends" will be out on cd in June. preorder from cdnow now at My Cdnow store. Here's part of an article from the May 1 USA Today... Waylon Jennings is out of the saddle for awhile after surgery in Phoenix last week to combat the effects of peripheral vascular disease (PVD). The 63-old country music star underwent operations on both legs to open up clogged blood vessels that had caused years of mounting discomfort and compromised mobility. Jennings is mum on details, including why he waited so long to correct the problem. "To paraphrase one of his records, he may have finally gotten 'sick and tired of bein' sick and tired,'" says Dr. Stephen McCartney, a private practice vascular surgeon in Santa Monica, Calif. Because Jennings has quit his lowdown ways and embraced a healthier lifestyle, the outlook for the outlaw's recovery is good. He expects to be back on the concert trail soon. 4-26-00 Waylons "Restless kid live at J.D.'s" cd is out. order at My CDnow store. song list below. Waylon is recovering from leg surgery in Arizona. He's fine and will be back to work soon. 3-30-00 Here's contact info for upcoming Waylon concerts in Michigan... April 8th at the Leelanau Sands Casino in Sutton's Bay. 1.800.922.2946 or 1.616.271.4104 and June 9th at the Kellog Arena in Battle Creek. (was moved from April) 616.965.3308 ------------------------------------------- 3-28-00 ; TNN aired an animated movie "Tom Sawyer", Monday March 27 at 8pm. Waylon is NOT on the soundtrack as previously reported, but plays Judge Thatcher. sorry for the misinformation, I reported what I read somewhere before I knew it to be true. There's a pic of Waylon & Jessi in this month's COUNTRY MUSIC magazine (Martina on cover), and mention of his Live recording made in January at the Ryman. They also have an article about the Dukes of Hazzard movie coming up in May, but no mention if Waylon is narrating. In their review of a new book, "Lynyrd Skynyrd, an oral history", former Skynyrd lead singer Ronnie Van Zant is quoted as saying he prefered country music to what he did with his band, and he wanted to record LPs with Waylon & Haggard! Waylon's Restless Kid Live (at J.D.'s) is due to be released April 25. CDNow has it for pre-order now. *to order, go to Mike's Merch page, and click on my CDnow store. thanx. ============ heres the song list for the new import CD "Waylon, The Restless Kid Live at J.D.'s": 1 Down Came The World 2 It Ain't Me Babe 3 I'm Gonna Marry Polly Ann 4 Just To Satisfy You 5 I Don't Care 6 Girl From The North Country 7 The Last Letter 8 Burning Memories 9 Hi Heel Sneakers 10 Lorena 11 I Wonder Where You Are Tonight 12 Sloop John B 13 Second Chance 14 You're My One And Only 15 Kisses Sweeter Than Wine 16 Heartaches For A Dime 17 Excuse Me 18 Still In Town 19 Take Me Home 20 The Restless Kid 21 The Streets Of Laredo 22 Pretty Paper 23 Dream Baby 24 Alpha And Omega 25 Candy Man 26 Memphis, Tennessee 27 Th' Wife 2-8-00...heres some good articles... Country Cool article Country America article Music News article Ramblin Man is out on CD now! ------------------------------- according to POLLSTAR.COM, heres some 2000 Waylon concert listings; 02/10/00 Bossier City LA Horseshoe Casino. 02/11/00 Bossier City LA Horseshoe Casino. 03/02/00 Mt. Pleasant MI Soaring Eagle Casino. 03/18/00 Silver Springs FL Silver Springs Amphitheatre. 04/08/00 Suttons Bay MI Leelanau Sands Casino. 04/09/00 Battle Creek MI Kellogg Arena. 08/09/00 Livermore CA Wente Bros. Winery. 08/11/00 Kelseyville CA Konocti Harbor Resort. 08/12/00 Cumming GA Lanierland Music Park. 09/23/00 Cumming GA Lanierland Music Park . --------------------- Hey all, CDNow has Waylon's Ramblin Man on CD, coming out February 8, ready for advance orders. If you advance order, you should have it 2 or 3 days after release. Thanx to everyone who orders thru MY Cdnow store, I ordered that and 5 other CDs for free today. If you order from CDNow (for Waylon or anything else) please go to MERCH or my main page and click on my CDNow store to order. thanx. The track listing for "The Ramblin' Man" CD bonus tracks are: "Got A Lot Going For Me", "The Last Letter", "The One I Sing My Love Song To". Word is Buddah will release IVE ALWAYS BEEN CRAZY & ARE YOU READY FOR THE COUNTRY on cd this year. ----------------------- Ryman concert pics (jan 2000) at Ryman 2000 and also in the files at Egroups (must register for free to view or post at Onelist). --------------------- Confirmed dates for Waylon shows... January 11, Private function, Houston, TX Feb. 10-11, Horseshoe Casino, Bossier City, La. March 2, Soaring Eagle Casino, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan (on sale Jan 24) ---------------------- As many of you may know, approximately 28 Hossheads met in Nashville for a great Hosshead convention and to see history being made as Waylon and the Waymore's blues band recorded a live album and video at the Ryman auditorium. As I understand it, the CD and video/DVD will be out later this year. Hossheads from all over the US and one from Canada met mostly at the airport Motel 6, which immediately became Hosshead Central. (Hosshead Central moved to Tootsies Orchid lounge and then to the Ryman as witnessed by our very cool banner brought in by Jeff Young.) In addition to seeing 2 great shows (wed, Jan 5, thurs. jan 6), we also saw Waylon's house and office (please keep your distance and dont bother anyone there if you visit, as we did), Hillbilly Central (Tompall Glaser's former studio/office where Waylon used to hang and record in the early 70s), The Grand Ol Opry house and museum, Tootsie's, and more. Wednesday night at the Ryman, we had good seats about halfway back on the floor. The music started, the curtain opened, and there sat Waylon on his swivel chair playing ol "#1", his original black and white leather covered telecaster which his band gave him in 1963. Waylon looked and sounded great, his band was tight, and the set list very good (listed below). Of course Jessi sang 2 alone and 2 with Waylon. John Anderson and Montgomery/Gentry each did a duet with Waylon. Waylon joked alot, including about his current (hopefully temporary) physical problems caused by a fall while playing golf last year. Jessi looked and sounded fabulous and got a standing ovation. She gets younger all the time. A highlight for the Hossheads... Bret "Maverick" VanVoorhis and Larry "Bat21" Craft held up our banner that read "Welcome to Hosshead Central, www.waylon.com" and Waylon read it aloud and joked about not knowing anything about computers. (He did the same Thursday night when Goose Gossage and Melissa Smith held the banner on the front row.) Thursday night's show was possibly even better. Same songs, just different order, and Travis Tritt joined him for "I've always been crazy." Travis played a Waylon Fender tribute guitar and chicken picked almost as good as The Man! Waylon and the band seemed even more comfortable and tight, the crowd was rowdier, and Waylon talked and joked a bit more. The set list on Wednesday...Never say die, Good hearted woman/Mamas dont let your babies grow up to be cowboys, Ive always been crazy, Amanda/A couple more years, Waymore's blues (with John Anderson), It's the world's gone crazy cotillion (with a new verse), Loves the only chain (Jessi), I'm not Lisa (Jessi), Storms never last & Suspicious minds (Waylon & Jessi), Closing in on the fire, Ramblin Man (with Montgomery/Gentry), Help me make it through the night, Good time, Nothing catches Jesus by surprise, Cant you see, Drift away, Trouble man, If I cant go down rockin', The weight, Never been to Spain. Great shows and great experience with the Hossheads, all great people and dear friends. I wish every Waylon fan could have been there!! Some celebs I met there, Andy Griggs, Carl Smith, Mark Collie, Lee Roy Parnell, Dean Miller, producer Tony Brown, and most imprtantly...Waylon and Jessi (very briefly, but I got a hello from Jessi and Waylon said, "Hey, how ya doin', hoss?"! Lotsa pix here... Ryman2000 ------------------------------------------------ **For the track listings for the boxed sets "Six strings away" and "Destiny's Child" which were here, email me. waylonworld@tripod.com This site, Mike's Waylon World is 2 years old today, Dec. 1, 1999. Thanx for your support and interest. Season's Greetings! See my Waylon Christmas card! ---------------------- Elvis fans...Help Save Mini-Graceland! See my Mini-Graceland page here. There was an article about my site in the Roanoke Times on Monday, Nov.29th. ---------------------- BMG Special Products, Inc. of New York and Delta Entertainment Corporation of Los Angeles are pleased to announce that Delta Entertainment has been named the exclusive retail distributor of the venerable RCA Camden label in the United States. Delta's initial release will include the reissue of the 1972 album by Waylon Jennings, "Heartaches By Numbers." This album has been re-mastered using 24-Bit Mastering for crystal clear clarity, and repackaging with new graphics. **Available at CDNow** if you order from them, please go to This Page and order thru my site. thanx. =============================================== >Nov. 22, 1999 >This appears on country.com, on cruisin country page. >Live From the Ryman >Waylon Jennings phoned Nashville radio station WKDF Thursday morning (Nov. >18) to share plans for an upcoming album with morning DJ Carl P. Mayfield. >Jennings told Mayfield he plans to perform two free concerts at the world >renowned Ryman Auditorium Jan. 5-6 to record a live album. Although all of >the details have not yet been worked out, tickets for the shows will only be >available through WKDF. ***A new CD I recommend...Bellamy Brothers, Lonely Planet. Print off your FREE Waylon calendar for 2000 soon. get it HERE!
--------------------------- Waylon & Jessi celebrate 30 years of marriage Tues. October 26! happy Anniversary W & J. They are in Arizona for the winter. --------------------------- Hey, here's some recently added Waylon concert dates; POLLSTAR ======== Some new CDs I highly reccommend: Waylon, THIS TIME... Hank Williams, Jr., STORMY... ZZ Top, XXX...Lynyrd Skynyrd, EDGE OF FOREVER. ======== oct. 4, 1999 hey all, Waylon will be on a Ryman documentary special Saturday, Oct. 9 on TNN, 8 eastern . TNNs schedule shows a part 2 of same show the following saturday. See THIS PAGE for my Waylon halloween card for you. If it simplifies anything for you, I have a new URL for Waylon World, its http://sheetsm.tripod.com . The old URLs still work too. please go to this welcome page first each time you visit my site so it'll trip my counter. some of my pages are on 2 other directories and the counter wont be tripped otherwise . thanx. If you havent seem em, my Nashville site has a page of Waylon pics by Murf and another by Lynn from the Titans stadium show. start here for all that; NASHVILLE . "This Time" is out on cd Oct. 12. check out this interview; INTERVIEW . Wail On, Mike Sheets, Mike's Waylon World ------------------------------- here's some dates for Waylons current tour: Pollstar sez.............. 09/18/99 CapeGirardeau MO S.E. Missouri Fair 10/15/99 Studio City CA Sportsmen's Lodge 10/23/99 Fort Worth TX Billy Bob's 10/30/99 Suttons Bay MI Leelanau Sands Casino 11/05/99 Bossier City LA Casino Magic 12/09/99 Las Vegas NV Orleans Casino 12/10/99 Las Vegas NV Orleans Casino 12/11/99 Las Vegas NV Orleans Casino 12/31/99 Phoenix AZ Celebration Of The Century 02/03/00 Mt. Pleasant MI Soaring Eagle Casino Hey guys, The October issue of Music City News is out with my pic of Waylon (I took it at Ryman show), and a great article and several more good pics of him. Blockbuster Music, Books-a-million etc have them. Check page 7 for letters from me and Don Gumbert. also, Waylon's Pony Express has a cool new Tshirt...its with a cartoon of a man in a convertible, and caption is something like "Listening to Waylon is like driving down the road with your hair on fire!" I ordered mine today. They're $20 including postage at Waylon's Pony Express, 1117 17th ave. south, Nashville, TN, 37212. Leigh at Waylons office said she'd show Waylon the Music city news article and the pic I took of him. > Here is the track list for "This Time." on CD Oct. 12. > > 1 This Time > 2 Louisiana Women > 3 Pick Up The Tempo > 4 Slow Rollin' Low > 5 Heaven or Hell > 6 It's Not Supposed To Be That Way > 7 Slow Movin' Outlaw > 8 Mona > 9 Walkin' > 10 If You Could Touch Her at All > > Bonus Tracks > Waylon Jennings & The Crickets > 11 That'll Be The Day (previously unreleased) > 12 It Doesn't Matter Anymore (previously unreleased) > 13 Lady In The Harbor (original version, previously unreleased) > 14 Medley: Well All Right, It's So Easy, Maybe Baby, Peggy Sue > 15 If You're Goin' Girl (previously unreleased) September 1, 1999: hey dudes and dudettes...A photo I took of Waylon at the Ryman concert is in the next issue of Music City News...October issue out now!! I hear Blockbuster music has em, Books-a-million too. It accompanies an article about that great show. and they promised to mention my site, too. cool, huh?? also, sorry i didnt know ahead of time but Waylon was on a repeat of the Chris Rock show on HBO sunday. It was a parody of VH1's Behind the Music, Chris played a fictional black country singer named Lionel Wright. Waylon was shown on the steps in his office (by his many gold and platinum awards) talking about smoking some weed with Lionel! (Where was Willie?) and they got a great shot of all of waylons awards on the wall. And great News..."This Time" will be out on CD Oct. 12. "LIVE" with 20 tunes is out on cd now if u didnt know. Waylon rules. On Monday, August 2, 1999, My friends Murf, LRRP (Jerry), and Waymore went to Nashville. We had a blast. We saw Waylon's office, Tootsies bar, The Country Music Hall of Fame etc. Terry (airraid) came down from KY. on Wednesday and spent some time with us. Terry and I found Waylon's house. We kept our distance of course, I dont recomend bothering him or the ladies at his office. tourists should respect their privacy. Thanks to Jeff for showing us to Waylon's office, he knows Nashville much better than we did, it was our first trip. On Wednesday, August 4th, we saw Waylon and Jessi in concert at The Ryman. It was the fourth time I'd seen them, but easily the best show ever. Waylon can't stand or walk well (hurt his back golfing), but he can really jam! Maybe better than in the 70s and 80s! We thought for sure we'd meet Waylon, but it didnt work out. We were sure disappointed, but everything else was great including spending a few minutes with Shooter. He met us in the Ryman lobby after the show and took pics and signed autographs. Before the show ouside the Ryman, I met Lee Roy Parnell, Mary Miller (Roger's wife), Carl Smith, Little Jimmy Dickens, and Waylon's band members Richie Albright, Robby Turner, Rance Wasson, and Jerry Bridges. Inside the Ryman, I met Andy Griggs and Dean Miller (Roger's son). see a few pics RIGHT HERE! ----------------------------- On Tuesday, July 6, 1999, we had a good chat with Waylon in his chatroom. He said he's feeling great, but I know from people who saw him in concert last week that he still has some back problems. (He injured his back playing golf!) He didn't say exactly why he wasnt on the Johnny Cash tribute show...someone said that June told him that Waylon was sick that day, Waylon said "June don't know." Asked if he'd like to be played on radio now, he said he don't care about airplay cause he'd rather not be on the radio with the stuff that is. He said he designed a Guild guitar which will be available later this month. Waylon said his favorite new group is Stargunn (Shooter's band), and that he'd play with them if the pay is right. He likes country act Montgomery/Gentry and said Andy Griggs is a great artist and great friend. He was asked about duet CDs with Jessi ("that's always a possibility"), and George Jones ("no") and Steve Earle, ("I thought about it, but got over it.") Asked how he came up with the "Woop, Woop!", he said it was too dirty to tell us. The little girl on the Ladies Love Outlaws lp is his neice Ladonna. Waylon said the OLD DOGS are too old to tour. He said Luckenbach Texas (the song) is like an ex-wife who you realize you never liked in the first place. (it's his least favorite hit.) Here's some questions I asked that he answered; MS-Are you just playing the new Fender Waylon tribute telcaster or will you be playing the old ones too? WJ-I'll probably get the old ones out and play them occassionally. MS-are you working on the CD with Willie? WJ-no, we are both too busy to get together right now. MS-are you doing any TV, movies, or voiceovers soon? WJ-lots of things are in the works, anythings possible. I did do voiceovers for the Playstation Dukes of Hazzard CD-rom. MS-will you record with the Waylors soon? They aren't the Waylors anymore, they're Waymore's Blues Band, 11 members including most of the original Waylors (Ritchie, Carter, Barney,Reggie, etc.) plus a horn section. We plan to record a Live album later. MS-whats the best and worst part of touring again? WJ-the best is the shows, the worst is traveling. MS-Shooter and I have decided that we are brothers, what do you think? WJ-I think youre full of shit :-) ! thanks Waylon and Shooter.
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Buddha Records will double the length of Waylon Jennings' LIVE when it reissues the 1976 album August 10. "It restores the album to what the original vision was supposed to be," Buddha A&R head Mike Ragogna tells ICE. "It was supposed to be a double album with 21 tracks, plus a studio version of 'Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way.' We didn't put that on because we wanted to preserve the integrity of the [live] album. The original album came out as sides one and four of what was in the vaults. We found sides two and three, which gave us 10 extra tracks." Those tracks include versions of "The Taker," "Big Ball in Cowtown," "Mississippi Woman," and "Never Been to Spain."

as of June 19...Hey gang....here's an update on tour dates and cities...... June 26 Lula, MS(lady luck casino)... July 3 Las Vegas(Sunset station casino)... July 8 Rising Sun, IN(grand Victoria casino)... July 9 Rising Sun, IN(grand victoria casino)... July 10 Rising Sun, IN(grand Victoria casino)... July 24 Salt Lake City, UT(Utah state fair)... August 4 Nashville, TN(Ryman auditorium)... August 13 Sparks, NV(Alamo truck plaza)... September 18 Cape Girardeau, MO(S.E.Missouri fair)... October 15 Los Angeles, CA(Alzheimer benefit)... October 30 Suttons Bay, MI(Leelanau Sands casino)... December 9 Las Vegas, NV(TBA)... December 10 Las Vegas, NV(TBA)... December 11 Las Vegas, NV(TBA)... ==========================
May 26, 1999... I talked to Shooter today. He's missed us but has been very busy with his own work and career (his band is now Stargunn), he had a BIG job building a web site, and of course he works alot for Waylon. waylon.com will have lots of cool features and should be complete by mid June. (its partially back up now.) Part of the reason waylon.com was down for awhile and we didnt hear from Shooter was technical probs with his host. *Jerry (LRRP) sent me this link to a place to buy Waylon videos; http://www.videoflicks.com/VF2/A100/1007712.iHtml
Waylon will be featured for the entire hour on June 10th's Prime Time Country. He'll be performing at least four songs, including some classic material as well as new music. He'll also do a surprise walk-on during the show on June 7th. If you've got a question you'd like Waylon to answer, please email it to jmoore@country.com. he'll need the questions by June 9th. The show airs at 9pm eastern on TNN. And on June 2nd, TNN airs A Century of Country, The Nashville Rebels featuring Waylon, Willie, Haggard, etc.
The BillyBob's Texas concert and live cd recording has been canceled and may be rescheduled. Shooter is alive (gasp!) and waylon.com is partially back. It should be complete by mid June. Here's some tentative Waylon concert dates; (Could change); 06/26/99 Lula MS Lady Luck Casino; 07/03/99 Las Vegas NV Texas Station; 07/04/99 Luckenbach TX Willie Nelson Festival; 08/13/99 Sparks NV Alamo Truck Plaza; 09/18/99 CapeGirardeau MO S.E. Missouri Fair; 10/15/99 Los Angeles CA To Be Announced; 12/09/99 Las Vegas NV Orleans Casino; 12/10/99 Las Vegas NV Orleans Casino; 12/11/99 Las Vegas NV Orleans Casino .
April 19, 1999 Hey gang...Saturday night on TNN's "This week in Country Music" had a story about COUNTRY WEEKLY magazine moving in to what had been the Country Music Wax Museum. CW decided to keep some of the wax figures on display, and one they have in their office is the wax figure of WAYLON! also, on the FOX tv cartoon, "The family guy" last night, Waylon did a one-line appearance with a fake Dukes of Hazzard quip regarding Peter(the star of the show) fighting with a kid over his Dukes watch!
Hey guys. Im proud to say I was the very first to see the new Waylon online99 welcome page and logo.I guess youve all seen it by now. Waylon designed the new W. cool huh? Shooter says his parents are home from AZ, and doing great. Waylon's next solo CD and Willie duet CD are ready to be recorded. Shooter says hi to all you hossheads. I told him we'd missed him. He's been very busy. Hey guys, wanna lobby for more Waylon LPs on CD?? Nightstalker got this address for us, the company that released Ol' Waylon and Dreaming my dreams on CD. they welcome requests for future releases. DCC Compact Classics, 9301 Jordan ave.,Suite 105,Chatsworth,Ca.91311. March 10, 1999, Waylon will be featured on "The Life and Times of the Outlaws" on TNN. Jan. 27, 1999 Waylon and Hank Jr. singing "The Conversation" was the Classic Clip on Crook and Chase Tonight. Look for Waylon on The George Jones show, TNN, Feb. 16th. January 12, 1999. This week's COUNTRY WEEKLY magazine has pics and article from the movie "Outlaw Justice" starring Waylon, Willie, Kris, and Travis Tritt. See the movie on CBS Jan. 24. -- Nov. 30, 1998. Waylon and Jessi are wintering in Arizona. Most of his writing is done for the next solo CD and for the next Waylon and Willie CD. Shooter is busy rebuilding waylon.com and it looks great. Two new CDs I highly recomend are Confederate Railroad's "Keep on Rockin" and Willie Nelson's "Teatro". This site is ONE YEAR OLD on December 1, 1998! Thanks for your support and interest.

Waylon News as of November 12, 1998; Shooter says Waylon is
writing his next solo CD. It'll be a concept story album
like Willie's "Red Headed Stranger".  He's also writing and
finding songs for his next duet CD with Willie, probably to
be started in the spring. Waylon and many of the original
Waylors still rehearsing for the spring tour.  Waylon was on
Today's Country on TNN thursday talking about Little Jimmy
Dickens' party celebrating Dickens' 50 years with the Grand Ol
Opry.  Waylon is in this week's Country Weekly magazine, story
and pics of him and the Crickets doing that British TV show
about Buddy Holly.  And he's also in this month's Rolling
Stone (President Clinton on cover), with a quip about the Prez.

On Friday, October 23, 1998, I talked to Waylon in his
chatroom again.  He was feeling great, but didn't get to
stay long. Said he'd stay longer when we chat again very
soon.  I (and others) asked about him touring in the
coming spring with his original band, The Waylors, and he
said that yes, that IS the plan, except that Ralph Mooney
can't make it due to health problems.  He's working on
getting songs for the upcoming Waylon & Willie CD, and his
next solo CD; he's writing alot of them.  He said the
project with Willie is going "ragged as always."  Someone
asked if taking some pot to a Willie Nelson show would get
him a handshake with Willie, Waylon said "yes, but count
your fingers afterward."  Asked if he'd record a Christmas
CD, Waylon says he don't like Christmas music. He said he
won't move to Arizona, just spends winters there.  Jessi
won't tour with him in the spring.  Asked about unpublished
writers writing some new outlaw music, he said "just forget
the outlaw shit and write good songs."  He hasn't heard from
Tom Snyder and doesn't expect to, says that was unfortunate
(see below).  If Garth Brooks asked him to sing with him?
Waylon says he'd probably say no.  He loves everything
Travis Tritt does.  says he was very complimented by Hank
Jr.'s song, "The eyes of Waylon."  He said he was cute when
he did the movie "Nashville Rebel".  Asked about doing an 
unplugged CD, he said, "I'm not plugged in now!"  What 
should fans do about stations that won't play Waylon music? He
says "blow up your local station."  :-)>> Here's my Q & A with
him:   MS;I hear you watch alot of TV, what do you like to 
watch?  WJ; news and documentaries  MS; I appriciate all you
said on Politically Incorrect, but why don't you like the
President?  WJ; he's a liar and I don't like liars.  MS; I
recently met Willie, are you as nice and generous as Willie is?
WJ; no, I won't loan you any money.  MS: Could you tell us
about the movie you're in with Kris and Willie? (Outlaw Justice,
CBS, January) WJ;  It's the best they ever did together, their
timing was perfect, but I was better, even though I die in the 
first 10 minutes!   thanks Waylon & Shooter!

On Tues., Sept. 22, 1998, Waylon appeared on Politically Incorrect 
on ABC TV.  He was funny and logical and cool as ever in discussing
the current political mess with the President.

On Wed., September 23, 1998, Waylon did a live internet interview on
www.liveconcerts.com. Mentioning his work with Sheryl Crow, he said 
they met in a bar; she sent over a note saying she'd like to meet him!
He said he meant for Closing In On The Fire to be well-rounded, and
not easily categorized.  He said he'd hounded Carl Smith to be on the
CD with him, and that you can't ask Carl to do anything...you have to
TELL him!  Waylon said he isn't real happy with his cover of "No
Expectations" on Closing In, couldn't get it like he wanted it. He says
that country radio is all generic now, but it's the fault of record
companies and "watering hole" producers. (that means they spend more
time in the bars drinking than in the studio) Plus, he said many new
singers are just wiggling living room singers who don't even know how
to hold a guitar.  Waylon said it used to cost $50,000 to record an LP,
now a CD cost $500,000!  He joked that he knows where the bodies are
buried at some record companies.  He said he never liked making videos
much, and he ain't purty enough anymore for that anyway.  Waylon says
he never was a great musician, but he always knew how his music
should sound, and wanted the chance to do it his way.  Waylon says he
loves Vince Gill's voice and music, but that they don't like each
other one bit. Says Vince is a crybaby and they each don't like how
the other thinks!  Waylon says he plans to play a few selcted dates
here and there, but no more big tours.  Says Buddy Holly told him to
never overstay his welcome with anything, and he probably did with
touring too much.  He says his health is good, but still has some
trouble walking. (he limped some on Politically Incorrect.) Waylon 
told about his first band at age 12...they knew two songs. When they
did a show, he sang one song to the tune of the other!  He said that
Shooter teaches him alot about modern music like Enigma and Nine Inch
Nails.  He said he once accidntally stole a melody from JJ Cale, but
Cale didn't mind.  Waylon and Willie are working on a CD together 
with Mark Knopfler producing!!  If he wasn't a singer, Waylon says he
might be a plumber's helper or disc-jockey, but would love to be an
archaeologist, he loves that! He once took Shooter to an Indian dig,
where he found a tooth and stole it!  good interview Waylon and 
The same night, Waylon was scheduled to appear on Late Late Show with
Tom Snyder.  They promised him most of the show. When the first guest
ended up taking all the time, Waylon walked out!  I missed seeing him,
but fully understand. 

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