Me & Waylon Jennings
(By Mike Sheets with thanks to Shel Silverstein)
(A parody of The Old Dogs' "Me and Jimmie Rodgers")

Me and Waylon Jennings have always
been crazy ol music men
I started spinning records at 14
cause I wanted to be like him
then I grew my beard and hair long
and started a little 4 piece country music band
and we played for several thousand
in Dublin, the night that I sang Ramblin' Man.

Me and Johnny Cash heard that train
a-coming 'bout a million times
and me and Willie Nelson were stranger
than the sound that we heard in our minds
So I idolized the outlaws
they were heroes to a country boy's teenage heart
and I thought that I would join them
on record, and on stage,I thought I'd be a star

Me and Charlie beat the devil
and we took his golden fiddle
me and Paycheck told our boss to shove this job
I got rowdy with Bocephus
hit main street with Bob Seger
and afterburned the blues with ZZ Top

So I kept playing records, then CDs
till about 1993
I got out of radio when "country"
radio got out of country
Now I can't hear the legends
except at my house on my stereo
But those ol' dogs still rock me
and close in on the fire that's in my country soul

Me and Waylon Jennings are slower
and greyer than we used to be
he's the soundtrack to my life so you
should think of him every time you think of me
We're still hangin' tough you know
and like to think that we're right for the time
I'll never be a star but I am
proud to say Ol' Waylon, you're a pal of mine

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