ALL OF MY HEROES ARE HASBEENS as recorded by WolfGang Malende written by Mike Sheets, music by Wolfgang Malende, copyright 2000 I got my first records in first grade Johnny Cash, Twitty, and Pride. Then I really got into the music By the summer of '75. Soon I was jammin' to Waylon, Ol' Willie and Paycheck and Bare, I tried to sing and look just like 'em with bluejeans a beard and long hair. The outlaws made blues rock and country and something new stirred in my soul. they introduced rednecks and hippies they did it their way and struck gold. the soundtrack to my life was playing til' videos changed everything, they didn't need gimmicks or good looks back when a singer could sing. Refrain; Now all of my heroes are hasbeens, who the fans of the new hats dont know, and all of my favorites are classics they play on the oldies show. All of their groupies are grannies, theyre dead or dying or old, All of my heroes are hasbeens, who have been with me for so long. My Volkswagen Bug just had AM But that was enough in those days. I kept the radio blaring, I knew every song that they played. Now all of the stuff on the airwaves is mostly generic and bland. It bugs me that what they call country is amature, pop garage bands. Repeat Ref. bridge; I dont want to hurt any feelings I dont mean to judge or complain But a radio station without Jones or Waylon aint country to me anyway. Repeat Refrain.
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